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I had an ultrasound when I was (by LMP) 7 weeks pregnant, but the tech could only see a "yolk sack", so they said that I was probably only about 5 weeks along.  I had another U/S, 2 weeks later and there was no baby, just an "empty space".  The doc said that the yolk sack was probably just absorbed and that I would either miscarry on my own, they would induce the miscarriage with medication, or I could have a D & C.  I opted to wait and miscarry on my own.  That last appointment was over 4 weeks ago, and I still have no signs of miscarriage and my uterus continues to grow (by my LMP date I should be 14 weeks, by the last U/S I would be 12 weeks).  I am beginning to doubt the ultrasound.  Has anyone had this happen?  How long will it take for my body to stop growing and a miscarriage to take place???  Anyone have any answers???
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did they check you hcg levels to see if they are going down?  Typicaly when a miss carriage is susspected the doc will do blood work to make sure thats whats really happeneing.  I had to have blood work done once a week for 3 weeks because I mc naturally and they wanted to make sure everything passed so they watched my hcg til I got to 0. The hormones go down at different rates for everyone so they can cause the preg symptoms to continue. some people will miscarry on there own and some have to have the d&c its different for everyone and every preg.  If your doctor didnt watch your hcg and your still feeling preg I would call your doctor.A  friend of mine  miscarried and  didnt do her blood work and had a mess of problems because her body didnt take care of everything on its own.  Its better safe then sorry.  Im really sorry about your loss.. its been 3 months and I still get all teary eyed from time to time.
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Yes, she did take HCG levels and they continued to rise (significantly!) between the two appointments, but I don't remember the number exactly...I think it was something like 7500 on the first level??  to 16500 on the second??   I have not been in since the second U/S, so I have not had blood work since then (it's been 4 weeks).  I haven't been back in because I don't want to be talked into a D&C...that is what my doctor wanted to do in the first place, but I have had 4 other D&Cs and I am afraid that scar tissue would limit my chances of another pregnancy....I also went to www.misdiagnosedmiscarriage.com and, after reading several postings, I am even more unsure!  I just wonder if the ultrasounds were wrong...
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At 6 weeks, 2 days I had a transvaginal ultrasound and they saw nothing--no yolk sac, no fetal pole, no heartbeat.  At 8 weeks, I had another transvaginal ultrasound and they still saw nothing--just a black oval.  My doctor told me that it's over and suggested a D&C and I refused.  He suggested Cytotec to help "move things along".  I refused that, too.  I told him that I wanted to wait and let my body do what it needs to do on its own.  I never started cramping or bleeding and my doctor was concerned, saying that infection can set in when a miscarriage doesn't complete in a timely manner.  So at 9 weeks, 5 days he sent me for another ultrasound and there she was!  Heartbeat and all!  She is now 13 months old and perfect and beautiful!

The hCG numbers start to drop at some point, so I'd insist on having another ultrasound if I were you.
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well then in that case i definitly wouldn't let them do a d&c.... maybe you should see a different doc and like Agiesmom said insist on another ultrasound. Alot can happen in four weeks. who knows maybe your dates were off and you just werent as far as you thought at that point.
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Thanks so much for your posting, Agiesmom!  I am praying for an outcome like yours!  I will probably have to go see another doctor because mine said she could not justify another ultrasound.  I am glad that you had a supportive doctor who respected your wishes!  Mine tried to convince me to have a D&C (or induce with medication) as well because she said there was a danger of infection.  I have researched this and I think infection is a danger only if you develop a fever, begin to feel ill, have excessive bleeding, or have excessive pain.  Is this what you have heard?
Thanks for your input and support, as well, lilpixie!
Another thing I thought of...during the first ultrasound, my "sack" looked like it was caving in, and the second ultrasound showed a perfectly round/oval shape and had continued to grow.   Did you see this as well on your U/Ss Agiesmom?
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I didn't see my first U/S--the technician just said, "You're not as far along as you thought."  I asked why she said that and she said, "I should be able to see something and I don't."  My heart sank because I knew that I got pregnant on the 5th or 6th of June because my dh was traveling a lot around that time.  My doctor called and told me the same thing and I told him that I know I'm not off on my dates.  He said, "Well, expect a period in a few days, then."

I saw the second ultrasound--my doctor did it and he knew that I was hopeful that things would be ok, so he spent about 10 minutes moving the wand around and pointing to different areas on the screen, showing me where different things should be, but clearly were not.

When I refused a D&C and Cytotec, he told me to call him immediately if I get a fever.

I'm surprised that your doctor won't do another U/S to make sure that you either absorbed it completely (like I have heard can sometimes happen) or that there is no infection.  Can you just call and ask?  Tell your doc it's been a month and you haven't started to cramp or bleed and want to see what's going on.  If s/he still refused to do another U/S, maybe call your insurance company and ask what you should do in this situation.

Please let us know what happens!

p.s.  By the way, my dates were not off at all--at my third U/S (when they first saw the baby), the baby measured exactly correctly according to my LMP.
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