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Weight Gain

Hi there,
I've been reading some of the recent questions and am glad im not alone. I am 15 weeks pregnant with my first baby and am starting to get a small belly (not hard) but I have not put on any weight at all and really don't "feel" pregnant. A lot of people have responded saying this feeling is normal, which is good to know, but should I be worried about the weight?  I am only a small person and thought that I might be showing more, or gaining more weight than I have.
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I wouldn't worry about gaining, I am 18 weeks and just started to gain a few pounds.  At my last visit, I had lost a total of 7 lbs. since I first started seeing my doc. for this pregnancy.  I've had a lot of morning sickness and got a 24 hour stomach bug as well, so that contributed to all of the weight loss. I go to my next appointment and ultrasound tomorrow and according to my home scale I've gained about 2-3 lbs. Every pregnancy is different, with my two boys I had no morning sickness and gained right from the get go, so I'm hoping a little girl is in there tomorrow! =)  We'll see!
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Thanks for your comments they are really appreciated :)
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The March of Dimes website has a good chart on weight gain during pregnancy.  You might want to google it and compare what you have gained to the averages they provide.  But remember, a lot of this is just averages, women come in above and below that number.
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Here is a link to the March of Dimes site, and it gives a lot of information (i.e., if you were overweight to start what to expect, if you were underweight to start what to expect, etc.)


I also have an actual chart that I know came from them, but can't find it quickly to give you the link.
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Hi. Do Not worry!  Everyone is different , as is every pregnancy .  You tend to show much later with your first pregnancy, since your ligaments are stretching out for the first time....your stomach muscles are tighter now than they will be in any subsequent pregnancy....some women even lose weight the first few months, so do not worry what so ever.  Once you start gaining and showing more, you will be surprised at how fast your belly can grow.
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