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What is wrong with Riley.. teething??

Okay for the past week, week and a half maybe, he has been really grumpy/whiny, and has been spitting up a lot (he always spits up some, but these last couple days have been worse.)   I know he's been teething (on and off it seems) for weeks now, and was wondering what may be wrong with him.  I know many people say the pain and development of incoming teeth are like a shock to the system kind of, for some babies. (fever, diarrhea, etc). Some others say they are totally unrelated. So I want your opinions, and personal experiences with teething.. Do you think this could be contributing to his discomfort or perhaps he has just caught a little stomach bug? No fever, nothing major, no vomiting. Sometimes excessive gas, pain/discomfort, and frequent spitting up, starting to develop slightly looser stools....
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it does sound like teething, and it can go on for ages stick in there girl before you know it a tooth will appear and will look so cute.
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Jeremiah has been the same way! He goes through periods of fussy/gassiness loose stools, then constipation and lately he has been spitting up...a LOT and also drooling...oh our poor babies!
I wish a tooth would just pop through with Jeremiah...seems like he has been teething for....forever! =) hang in there Kelsey...hopefully our little guys will get a tooth! hehe. =)
It doesn't sound like a stomach bug to me...because what you are describing is what Jeremiah seems to be going through as well. Keep an eye on him though, but everything sounds okay.
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Ah well I'm glad it sounds normal to you guys and sorry Jeremiah is going through the same thing!
Yes I hope they pop through there already and stop causing them both so much pain. :(

I forgot about the drool.. He drools a lot too. haha
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teething will make your baby do nasty things.. the only thing is that i have never heard throwing up...a dr will tell you teething does not cause diharea...but yet it does so who knows...i thought cameron's virus he had was just the teething until the fever spiked up really high and he was throwing up with diharea...in the end he was dehydrated on top of having rotavirus AND teething..
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:( aww
well he's not throwing up, just excessive spit up when he burps.. sometimes even without burping lol
No diarrhea, it just is fluctuating from mild constipation to looser stools..
He's really cranky and wants to be held more than usual these days, also.. sometimes acts as if he's in a LOT of pain (for short periods of time) and he's biting and chewing on any and everything he can get his mouth on.
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