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What is your "favoritest" thing about your kids?

Well, there are definitely a lot of different things to choose from, but I am going to pick one for each child.

I love the way Adriana( 5 months) smiles and squeals when I look at her.  it absolutely melts my heart.

I love when Dylan(4 y/o) says things that are so sophisticated for his age.  One night my DH was putting him to bed, and he asked my son where is blanket was.  Dylan's reply : I don't know daddy, it didn't just get up and walk away.

I love the way Brandon(7 y/o) looks at his baby sister.  He loves her so much, and it is evident in the way he touches/talks to her.  He has such a good heart, and I am so proud to be his mommy.
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Oh gosh, I could list 1001 things about each of my children but I am going to pick one too.

I love the way Melissa cares so much for Mentally and Physically challenged people! She truly melts my heart with hers!

I love the way Andrew is so thankful for everything he can see and do and doesn't let his disability get in his way of anything!

I loveee the way Brayden looks at me and scrunches up his nose and then laughs from the core of his belly.. hehe
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Oh man....

First and foremost I LOVE how each of my kids smell!! Especially when they were little (like Brody is now)! Nothing like the smell of their blankets and their little heads!

Chelsey-I've always loved how her eyes sparkle when she smiles. She's my first born and is so artisitc and neat! Her room is spotless.

Summer-I love how she is just a natural when it comes to domestic skills. She pitches in in the the kitchen and never complains about it.

Alexa-she has such a bright, beautiful smile and is very giving and loving. A very sensitive girl.

Brooke-she's such a great big sister to her little brother and very protective of him. She's always a very silly clown. Sometimes too much!

Brody-he makes us all smile many times daily. He still has that "smell" and is a funny, silly boy. I love how he sticks his bottom lip out when he gives us kisses and how he makes his voice much sweeter when saying "Mama" than every other word he tries to say!

I just LOVE being a Mom.
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I love it when my daughter comes running to me yelling Mommy Mommy with a big grin on her face!! She melts my heart! :) Also when she hugs me real tight!!
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I have to agree with jenshim...They're smell is amazing. It's the most beautiful, comforting thing in the world.  When I had my second the oldest was 16months.  I ended up taking a piece of her clothing to delivery with me just for the smell, so relaxing!!

My first born (our golden girl, 2yrs old)- I love when she just randomly walks up gives me a big huge and kiss and says, "I love you mommy, I'm so proud of you".

My second born (Bells, 9months)- She is a complete and total cuddle bug like her daddy.(she just holds on to my shoulders, and snuggles up against me)She's a total goofball already, and incredibly fun-loving!!
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I have a long list, bear with me as I will keep coming back and adding more.

For Jonathan:

I love how brilliant he is and his thirst for knowledge. I love how he loves his family. I love how his dimples can melt my heart. I love how he really does not seem to notice the physical differences in people. He wants to help whomever he can whenever possible. He wants to donate toys and books to kids who may not have any. He loves and cares with all his heart.

For Tristan:

I love how he loves so strongly and so sweetly. I love his imagination. I love his spirit. I love his mischievous smile and how wide-eyed he gets when he is excited. I love his passion for life and the energy he employs in any situation.

For CJ:

I love his silliness. I  love his ability to make everyone in the house laugh and love so much. I love his panting like a dog and roaring like a dinosaur. I love how every night before bed, he stands on my lap and serenades me with "Frosty the Snowman" and I love how he refers to be as "Snuggle Momma."

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If only we could bottle that smell!!!!

I love the way dd smells too and when she gives everyone (me, dh, relatives and even the dog) her special little "Izzy" kisses (she doesn't know how to pucker yet but she leans in and touches your face with her forehead - it is very sweet).  I also love when she laughs hard hard - it is priceless!!
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I love when Blake, whom is 8 1/2 months likes to pretend the dog or his sister is chasing him and he hauls and laughs so hard!  Also when he is soo excited to get up in the morning. I crawl on his floor and just peek over the bumper and he jumps up and stands to look over and giggle at me.

Lily, whole different story. I love that she snatches the juice box & straw from me and says "i do it" and runs out the doggie door. 5 minutes later she comes in crying because she can't and she needs me to.
I love looking out the window and seeing her scale the side of the swing set and carefully pull the baby swing toward her, climb in and strap herself. She's only 2. I ought to video that one.
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I love when Ameera wraps herself around me and grabs my ears (her security blanket) and says 'I love you my mommy mommy!"  I also like it now that she can dress herself--socks shoes shirt and pants.  Yeah, she's like Lilly--"by myself mommy".  When she's mad she says "bye bye! all done! all finished! arrividerci mommy!"
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I love it when I am feeding my son on my lap and when he is done, he will push away the bottle, turn around to face me, put his little arms around my neck and his head on my shoulder.  I also love it when we are sitting like that and he curls his little legs up under him.

I also love it when he plays and puts everything on his head.  
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I love the way Abby's hair smells after its been washed

I love the way she climbs up on the couch and when she sees me coming to get her - goes as fast as she can to grab anything within arm's reach

I love the way she refuses to say mama - when I try to get her to say it - she grins and says dada - I know she can say mama - she says it when she thinks I'm not paying attention - and she yells MA at me when she's mad - she's such a stinker
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Another one...

I love it when I call my dh by his name, and my oldest looks at me and says, "no mommy, his name is daddy".

I love it when my youngest crawls underneath the piano bench and gets stuck between the legs and piano.  She looks at me, her lip drops and she just gets big ole' tears but, never makes a sound...So heartbreaking!!
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Hmm I cant pick one and I am not going to try
I love Noah's laugh, it is the most amazing sound in the world
I love how he could just cuddle in bed with mommy and daddy forever
I love how he calls his dad Joe only because he thinks it is funny
How he smells
how he hugs me so tight
how he puckers his lips up to kiss me and grabs me cheeks at the same time
How he mocks me when I am on the phone
He know stands just like me with his arms crossed
Noah has the most amazing sense of humor for a 2 year old
How compassionate he is towards babies and animals
The way he calls me Mom and never Mama, I think it is so funny
Ok, I want to go get him out of bed and snuggle right now
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I have another one (or two, maybe three)...

This evening we went shopping and I happened upon the baby section. I chose that opportunity to buy our infant niece a few new outfits, you cannot go wrong with Carter sales. We stopped by BIL's house to drop them off and being the baby magnet/addict I am, Miss Kara spent the entire time on my lap.

I loved the absolute jubilation that completely encompassed me from all directions as all three of my boys did all they could to make their baby cousin (who will be 1 in May) smile and giggle hysterically. I loved the automatic reflexive action that each boy had to simply hug her, no provocation needed, they simply felt compelled to do so because they love her and wanted her to know it the best way they know how to show a baby.

I love that my boys love so much. They positively shined tonight for this lovely little girl. She is indeed a lucky little princess, having 3 boys in her life who love her so much already. That and an auntie who cannot pass a sale rack without stopping ;-)

Of course, I also secretly loved the fact CJ finally had enough of Kara being on Mommy's lap and ever so gently did his best to wiggle her out of his favorite spot over my heart.
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Jacob has this new thing where if he is on a soft surface, he likes to just fall backward and start cracking up.  It is the cutest thing.  
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My kids are okay (hahaha), but they are in their 20s and boring, so Noah is my Grandson:

I love when we lay on the floor on our backs and I read every book he has, over and over and over, and he never gets bored or gets up.  He would lay there for 2 weeks if I kept reading.

I love when he is walking around the coffee table and goes to grab something "pretty" at my house and his dad says no and then Noah will go:  Gwwahdfkl! Like he is talking back!  (Oops, dont think I am supposed to like that...)

I love when we crawl on the floor and I hide and he knows I am there and is so excited/scared coming up slowly to a corner (of the couch or a wall or whatever) that he is already laughing and screaming and wiggling with excitement of me scaring him.

I love that he has 3!!!! teeth, the standard 2 on bottom ut only 1 on top - What a redneck baby!!!

I love watching Noah with my DS (daddy).  He will crawl up to him laying on the floor and wrap his chubby little arms around daddy's broad shoulders and lay his head in the crook of his neck.  Awwww...so natural.

I love his baby jokes, and he has SO MANY baby jokes!!!
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I love the way James' eye's twinkle when he smiles, I love that he is so smart but struggles to use language to get it all out..it's so cute to see him try.
I love Sam for being so mischevious and saying "OH OH" when something goes wrong and for adoring his older brother.
I love them both for their generosity with hugs and kisses and their infectious laughter.
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Nice post, brings up warmth!

- I love when A.T. has so much love to give he takes all of his stuffed animals for a walk   and talks to them like a loving parent.
- I am touched when he cries over seeing a gummi bear that fell to the ground.
- I still love his smell and warmth when his head rests on my shoulder
- I love the urgency in his voice when he talks about his day and his thoughts
- I love his hug in the morning at school, always as if it were the last one
- I love to see him learn and switch from cautious observation to self-assured  rambunctiousness
- I love how he still jumps up and down when excited, like a toddler at age 6.
- I am touched when I remember his big wordless smiles as an infant when we made it through tough situations together, even if it was just a thunderstorm.
- I am touched when at school he draws pictures of his family, he only shows himself and me with a heart on our chests and hands that reach out.
- I love when he sings to himself or when we giggle in the car making up crazy stories.

I will love him even more when he will make a smooth transition into independence one day.

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