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Hey ladies, I'm terrified.
I'm 5weeks 2days.

HCG at 18dpo was 1503
HCG at 20dpo was 3420

I am now 25dpo and am experiencing brown spotting.  The dr. won't see me, it is too early.  I just have to 'wait it out'.
Can you share stories or related info. with me concerning this?  Don't try to protect me, if you have negative news, I would be interested in hearing all of the possibilities.  I am trying to mentally prepare myself for m/c #2 within 7 months.  Please share any knowledge, stories and information with me.  Thanks.
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Jen~ I spotted from 5-6 weeks with DD and all was fine. Spotting during pregnancy is really common, although scary as heck! Brown indicates old blood. Bright red bleeding WITH lower backache and cramping is when you have to get worried. Even with that, things can be alright...my mother had it with all of her pregnancies. Your betas look fine too. Go to the ER if it gets worse if your DR wont see you. Good luck, I know the pain of a miscarriage.
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Hello. I'm sorry you are dealing with this. Brown blood is old blood and I have heard lots of stories where they will have some brown spotting/light bleeding and everything was fine.

with my last pregnancy I had brown spotting, it was light so my doc told me it was just considered implantation bleeding because my cervix was still closed. Then my hubby and I had sex and bright red globs of blood came out, and then I lost the baby. So if you are spotting make sure not to have sex. I didn't know if I had spotting I shouldn't have sex. Once I had the red blood come out, my doctors office said no sex until the spotting has stopped for 7 days. I don't think it was the brown spotting that made me miscarry, I think it was having sex. Try not to worry, stress isn't good for you or the baby. Take it easy, keep your feet up and drink lots of water. When did your doc say they will see you? They could at least check and see if your cervix is open or closed.

Good luck, keep us updated. My fingers are crossed for you and your baby, you two are in my prayers. Sticky baby dust!!!
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I had spotting both at 6 weeks and 10 weeks and all is well. Currently 25wks 1 day and carrying a perfectly healthy baby boy. No need to worry unless you are actually using pads or the bleeding gets heavy. Good Luck!
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I've had 3 m/c and they all started with brown blood.  For me, it's a bad sign but that may not be so for everyone.  I know many women who have bled during pregnancy and have everything turn out ok.  It could be old blood from the baby implanting and as it grows, small vessels can break.  It could be anything.  Try to take it easy for a couple of days and if you get really concerned, go to the ER.  The least your doctor could have done was offer an u/s to check everything out.  
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The spotting doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to m/c so please try to not stress about it. I had brown spotting with my 2nd,3rd, and current pregnancy. The 2nd, and 3rd ended in m/c as well as my 1st(which was sudden bleeding, no spotting) but my current one is going well(almost 23wks), the spotting stopped at 18wks. Try not to worry as hard as is it may be and take care. I will be praying for you!

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Try not to worry.  I read while mc that 50% of women will have spotting or bleeding during pregnancy.  Of those women, 50% will carry to term with no problem.  

Brown spotting is very common.  I would not be concerned unless you pass red blood or you have cramping.

In my case I had 2 mc that started with brown spotting, but that turned to bleeding within a week.  I hope that doesn't upset you.

My thoughts are with you and this little bean.
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just wondering when your doctor is willing to see you? if you are not comfortable with the way you're being treated or how they are responding to your concerns, i suggest you find another dr ASAP. when i first found out i was pregnant, i tried to make an appointment, and my old dr wouldn't see me until 10-12 weeks. i am no longer a patient there! i have found a wonderful, responsive doctor who i trust completely, and i am so relieved. it makes a huge difference. it's costing us a bit more money (he's out of network for me), but the peace of mind is worth more than anything.
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Hi there,
Well your HCG levels look really well..I had brown spotting too from week 5 to week 8 on and off. My Dr. saw me each time I called with a concern about it and it eased my fears. Maybe he really wanted my 10$ co-pay but the 50 bucks was great peace of mind. GoodLuck
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