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Worried About Menstrual Cycle After D & C

I had a missed miscarriage on Feb 14 2007 and had to go in for a d & c operation two days later. I just got my period this past sunday (May 25) and instead of lasting a full cycle... it has lasted three days. Is that normal?
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I can only offer my personal experience, but my first cycle after my m/c was pretty short, about 4 days. I don't think it's unusal.
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Good because all I have been able to think about since the operation was that something might have gone wrong and that I won't be able to have children in the future. So you can imagine what a relief it was to me when I ended up getting my period and then the worry when it seemed to have just stopped.
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I think that is perfectly normal. Sometimes it takes awhile to get your cycle back to normal. I have had 3 D&C's and it was always different when I got my period back and how long they were.
Your situation sounds normal to me.
I'm sorry for your loss!!!!
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My first af after my d/c was shorter than usual and also heavier.  The second af was much more normal for me.  It sounds like what you have experienced is normal.  The first af following a d/c is usually weird.  You never know what to expect.  I'm sorry to hear about your loss.  I was worried too, after my d/c.  I was afraid of infection, problems, you name it, but everything turned out fine.  
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Yep, i asked this question just a few days ago didnt i? :-) I had a D & C on the 18th of Feb. I got my first period on March 20. It only lasted 2 days but it was still heavy. Do I would say its quite normal to have an altered period (some longer, some shorter) after a D & C.
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I had a weird af after my 1st m/c.  I didn't get af for about 7 weeks and then when I did it was VERY light and only lasted about 4 days.  The next cycle was more normal.  I think that's very common.  I'm waiting for af to arrive again (had m/c March 1st).  I'm hoping it's not 7 weeks again, guess only time will tell. :)
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Hi.  I had a d & c @ 8 weeks preg.  The doctor gave my husband and I the o.k. to ttc 2 weeks afterwards.  Now at 4 weeks later, it feels like my cycle is trying to come down, but it hasn't yet.  Has anyone had this to happen to them.
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hi, sorry about your loss. im not sure but im having problems to and wondering if its from the dnc. i lost mine in nov. sometimes my periods are regular and sometimes not(no later that 4-5 days)they were regular  befor the m/c. i am now 12 days late, cramps for 3 weeks, lots of cm, sore bbs for over a week then slacked off and no af, neg test. i really dont want to call the doc for them to just give me another neg, i just wanna know whats going on

( yes i noticed this was an old post lol, oh well)
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Can you tell me how your situation turned out? I had a DNC on Sept 30th no cycle today is OCT 13th I have had very mild cramping and some of the other signs of a cycle but nothing.
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It could take up to 8 weeks to get a period back. Since its only been two weeks I would not worry if you haven't gotten it yet. Depending on how far along you were with the pregnancy the day you get your period will vary. On the other hand you may be about to start, if you miscarried and had the dnc and its around the time you would have gotten your period, your cycle may just continue like nothing ever happened. I miscarried at 8 weeks, bled for 5 days and my period was back 4 weeks later. Good luck
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