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baby belly

Hi lovely mommies out there! Question about baby bellies. I have been surfing the internet and running into photos of moms at various stages in their pregnancy so as to take a peek at how their baby bellies are progressing. I am currently 9 w and am slightly pouchy and a little chubbier just above the ahem, hair line, (sorry, tmi) but I see plenty of pictures with full on mini bulges at this stage as well. it is my first pregnancy, and i do weigh probably more than i should (170 5'4) so i was just wondering what the other experiences out there were? when should i start to notice something more substantial? not necessarily to the point where others would notice, but where i would?
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I myself did not start showing with either of my pregnancies until about a little over 3 months almost 4. But when I laid on my back I would look down at my tummy and it wasn't flat down it had this little buldge like it was a bit higher and this was around 2-3 months. But every "body" is different and especially in multiole pregnancies each one you might be bigger than the next. Good luck
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Oh, and I also had big babies and with my first I gained ALOT of weight!! They were well over 9lbs.
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I was lucky enough not to show (so that others could tell I was pregnant) until about 6 months.  I had only gained a few pounds at that point.  But of course it all caught up to me in the last month or two when I blew up like a balloon.  Some people who have good, tight stomach muscles don't show until later.  Others who don't have good stomach muscles and who don't exercise much, may show earlier.  One thing I notice is when I used to suck in, my stomach would be flat.  Now even at 6 weeks, it doesn't flatten.  Don't be in a hurry to grow.  There's plenty of time for that and you will wish later that you were smaller. :)
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I'm sure you know how tiny your baby is at 9 weeks, so don't expect a pregnant belly right away!!!  I myself started to show at 6 months, but everybody is different.  You may start showing sooner, but small belly doesn't necessarily mean small baby, and vice versa.  Those who you saw on the net may have fibroids in the uterus that makes the belly look huge (at least bigger).
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I am currently 16 weeks, 4 days and have really started to balloon out. At 6 weeks I was wearing stretch pants but not because I was 'showing' but because they were just more comfortable. Now I'm showing and "IF" I were to wear clothes were others could tell, they would be able to. However, I just wear my stretch pants with baggy sweatshirts and such. I want to wait until I actually "LOOK" pregnant instead of just fat. LOL
My hubby hasn't seen me in about 4 weeks and at that point he said he couldn't tell. (I know he was just being nice as to not mistakingly say "FAT BELLY" again, he did that once).......but I'm very excited to see what he says when he picks me up at the airport on Wednesday, this is his first baby and he is loving every little change!!!!!

P.S. I've just started feeling the baby move but it is actually little bumps and not just "swishes" across my belly. More like little thumps. What a wonderful feeling!!!
Question being.........
Should I always feel the baby move in the exact same spot at this stage or should it actually be moving here and there?!?!?!
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Im 14 weeks and my belly is huge!! But with my last two preganancies, I didnt start to show until I was atleast 6 months. I asked my doctor about this and she said your uterus isnt as tight with each pregnancy,so you get bigger each time! Im already shopping for maternity clothes.  Englwsco3, if this is your first baby, sounds like your belly is just right!  Good Luck!!
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