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clomid and multiples

Hello everybody!  I have a question.  I am on my second round of Clomid.  Last month I took 1 pill (50 mg)on days 3-7.  Didn't get pg so the doctor put me on 3 pills (150 mg) for days 3-10.  I took clomid previously and had a successful pregnancy the first time I took it.  My question is if there is a greater chance of having multiple births the more mg you take and the loger you take it.  Thanks for the help.
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I took it for 3 rounds, here i'm pregnant with a boy and a girl twins due end of Dec. I didnt ovulate on the first and second cycles and on my third i released 2 eggs.
Clomid increases your chance by 5-8 % having multiples.
good luck
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I also took clomid. I have heard the bigger the dosage the bigger the chances of multiples, but in my case if it had happened I would have been thrilled. I didn't conceive the whole 6 months I was on it. Good Luck!
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my doc told me the chances are the same no matter the dosage....20-25%. hope this helps.

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I know when i was on clomid the higher the dose the more follicles i released.  but the final winning combination was repronex, hcg, and progesterone.  Yes i got pregnant with a HOM high order fo multiples. quintuplets to be exact.  But it was not in Gods plans for all of them to be with us.  So out of the 5 we have one beautiful baby boy. Hang in there it will happen :o)  ,. and God bless

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hi everybody, I have been been trying for 16 months and I took clomid and I got HCG Shot before the day of ovulation. I have to wait for 1 week to see whether Iam pregnant or not. I am really scary I would like to know wether anybody in the same situation and what are all the probalblities of getting pregnant. I would appreciate ur answers. Good luck to everybody.
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Hi, I am in the same situation with you. We've tried for 16 month and with nothing, then I went to the specialist and they put me on clomid 100mg day 5-9 and I had 4 follicals and then on the day 12th they gave me a hcg shot and on the day 14th(10/13/05) I had IUI and I have to wait till the 26th to get blood test, I don't know what to think I hope it will be good news.  I hope that for you too.
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