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i have an 8 months old baby whom until now can't sit even w/ support.  when we put her in a sitting position she tends to bow down.  her fists is always clenched but she can grasps objects & lately can even transfer toys from 1 hand to the other.  she can pull herself to stand too but when we let her stand after a while she will bend her upper body.  ssould i be alarm now?
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I think you should be alarmed by now, she should have been sitting up alone around 6 months, maybe go see your doctor to make sure she had no developmental delays. good luck keep us posted.
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I would definately go see your doctor.  Our little guy does have developmental delays and he's making great gains but is 3 1/2 and we have him in therapy since he was 4 months old.  He didn't sit alone until about 14 months.  Is she making eye contact?  You say she is grasping objects. and pulling up.  How does she pull up to a stand without sitting?  I'd definately get a dr. opinion and it may just take some physical therapy.  I'd make sure she's hitting the other 8 month milestones as well and if not, push for therapy. The earlier the intervention, the better.  I pushed when our little guy wasn't smiling at 2 months.  I pushed and pushed and they finally believed me and by 4 months we had First Steps in doing Occupational Therapy, Speech/Feeding therapy (mainily feeding at 2 months), Physical therapy, vision therapy, and water therapy.  It's amazing how far he's come!  Good luck to you!
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