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info on vitamins for my 1 year old

my son is almost a year old, i posted this a few days ago and got no answers lol. my fam and i are wondering if we should give a luquid vitamins. he never drank a lot of formula and lately is not wanting to eat very much, does anyone give their one year old vitamins. i really want to, to make sure he has all vitamins. and pedisure is soo expensive its crazy. i just researched a vitamin called children complete. seems like a good one.
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definately talk with the dr about this...my son has not been on vitamines however he is now on whole milk and i use the beatrice pur filtered has the same amount of vitamines than formula...AND i also use the beatrice smart growth with omega 3&6 and yogourt i use the ones with omega 3&6...the things he does eat try and make sure they are filled with vitamines if anything...my son loves hot cereal and apple sauces etc...
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talk to your ped- it partly depends on your area. water in jersey is not flourinated, so we need to give her flouride drops in addition to her multivitamin. she's been on a multivitamin from the beginning. my baby was breastfed at first, but my girlfriends who didn't also had their babies on a multivitamin.
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