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kidney stone at 32 weeks pregnant

I am having such a rough time right now. I have a kidney stone that is causing me agonizing pain. My Dr. said it was okay to take the Darvocet that I have on hand, but it only takes the edge off the pain. I've had stones before, and had to have 3 of them blasted by lithotripsy. They can't do this while pregnant. I don't know if there's anything they can do. I will probably see my Dr. on Monday, but I was hoping you ladies might know something I don't. I passed a smaller stone earlier in this pg, and one while pg with my daughter, but based on the level of pain, I don't think this one's going to pass on its own.
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Awe MANnnn!  You poor thing, your pain has got to be unbearable!!!!  I'm so sorry I don't know anything to help!  Have you looked into alternative specialists that could maybe help?  Like accupuncture, message, chiropractor or something like that?  I don't know if any of those can help but it wouldn't hurt to find out.  A chiropractor can fix re-occuring ear infections in kids, so ya never know maybe one could do magic for the kidneys too!
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I had the same thing at 25 weeks, it is terrible.  They couldn't do anything for me.  I literally laid in bed in the fetal position until it passed, took a long time.  The pain meds they give you are not that good either.  Heat pads on my back helped some and I drank a ton of cranberry juice and it flushed it in a week.  Your doc may be better than mine was but I really don't think they can do anything.  Maybe switch to a different pain med that pregnant moms can take, but I didn't get much relief in that situation either.
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