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leaking urine

I have no idea what's going on with me!!  I started leaking urine two days ago...not a lot but enough where I have to wear a pad.  I have no other symptoms - no pain, no frequent urination....

I had my second dd 6 months ago....via a c-section.  But this is the first time I've experienced this.  I didn't even have this problem when I was pregnant.

Anyone had this happen (when you weren't pregnant)?  Any idea what this could be?
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i have no idea what this could be but i would suggest u call ur doctor right away to get it sorted out. Good luck!
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I know after a c-section it can weaken the bladder but this usually happens soon after.  I would talk to the Dr.  You can also do kegel exercises to strenghthen the muscles.
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Any chance you have a bladder infection?  I never had one until several months after my second was born.  I had no pain/burning, but just leaking to the point of wearing a pad.  I honestly just drank a ton of cranberry juice (natural cure, although maybe only b/c it hadn't gotten too far) and it went away after a day or so.  I've also heard that apple cider vinegar helps, but the smell/taste was too much for me.

If not that, then I think I would run it past your doctor just to see...and the kegel exercises do help.

Hope you feel better soon!
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My doc warned me that if I didn't pee virtually every hour on the hour when pregnant, that I would have leakage later, after the pregnancy was over, b/c the muscles there weaken.  Kegels are one way to help, but if you do them for a few months and find you're still leaking, talk to your doctor.
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Turns out it was a bladder infection....and one that traveled to my kidneys!!  So I guess not all bladder infections are painful!!  I developed a slight fever just before heading to my dr appt.  Other than that, the only symptom I had was the leakage.
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