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pregnancy after m/c

I had a m/c on May 31st.   My husband and I are ready to start trying again.   I was told to wait until I had my period before trying again.    Is it so bad to start trying before my first period?  I have had two m/c prior to this m/c (Aug 05 and Jan 01).    My doctor suggested taking progesterine (not sure if I spelled this word correctly) pills once we begin trying again.   Is there anyone that can tell me anything about progesterine pills and if it could prevent me from having another m/c?
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Well, I don't know anything about progesterone so can't help you there (I'm wondering if I need it too though).  I did recently have a natural miscarriage (6/8) at 5 and a half weeks.  My doctor said we should wait one cycle to try again.  I then asked her if that meant we had to use protection.  She said "no" becaus it's not that we shouldn't try to get pregnant, it's that we probably won't get pregnant.  She said that women normally don't ovulate after a miscarriage before their first period.  But, by the looks of what I've seen women write on this board, a lot of people ovulate before their first cycle.  I'm personally going to take my chances.  If it happens, it happens.  Good luck!
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i'm so sorry for your loss. i'm not sure about the trying before your first period - i've read of some ladies on here who've become pregnant before their first period, but i think that most women don't necessarily ovulate before their first period and that may be why drs. say to wait till first or that it may be a good idea to have everything out of your system from m/c before trying again. regarding the progesterone - what it can do is if the cause of your m/cs was low progesterone levels it will boost your progesterone and keep it up so you could carry the pregnancy, but i would suggest that you speak to your dr. about further testing (blood tests for you and your husband (check genetics and any possible disorders) and an hsg (x-ray of uterus) for you which will make sure everything in uterus and tubes is okay. a lot of drs. wait till there is a third m/c (G-d Forbid), but i had the testing after 2 m/cs and found out i have a genetic disorder called mhftr mutation (blood clotting disorder) which can result in early pregnancy loss b/c blood clots and oxygen can't get to baby. it's treatable with some extra vitamins (b6 and folic acid) and baby aspirin and once get pregnant (G-d Willing) have to take heparin shots to keep blood thin. in any case - one m/c can be a fluke - 2 can also be, but it's less likely. it could be that low progesterone is the problem with you - with my second pregnancy though i took prometrim (progesterone in pill like form) and then switched to progesterone suppositories and i m/c anyway - had enough progesterone, but now know probably was b/c of blood clots. i wish you lots of luck in the future and hope your next pregnancy is a healthy one. keep me posted.
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The effects of Progesterone depends on the person that you are talking to. For instance, My Dr. is part of a practice of 5 different Dr.'s. My normal Dr. simply said If I take the supplements and I lack progesterone production while pregnant, Great!, If not, then it won't cause any harm. One of the other Dr.'s in the practice said that Progesterone supplements have been proven effective in IVF patients due to the fact that with IVF, all hormones are torn down and rebuilt. In studies, with building back up the hormones with IVF patients, Progesterone was the one hormone that lacked, therefore the supplements were given. As far as patients that are able to concieve on their own, progesterone has not been proven to be effective. I am currently taking 200mg a day and I am able to concieve on my own. I had one healthy child prior to 2 miscarriages. I am taking them for my own piece of mind. At this point I know that I am doing all I can to keep my current pregnancy going. If I miscarry again, then I did all I could at the time.
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I also m/c on June 4th.  My doctor said I would probably ovulate within two weeks and could get pregnant.  He said there is no evidence suggesting that by getting pregnant two weeks after miscarriage I am at an increased risk for another m/c.  He said the only reason to wait 1 cycle is so they have a way to date the pregnancy because the m/c doesn't count as a period.  I'm taking my chances and we are trying to get pregnant right now.  I hope it happens and good luck to you too!!!
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From my understanding, progesterone should be taken from O to AF or from O to BFP to 13 weeks PG. I've been under the impression that you don't take progesterone from AF to O and therefore, it's advisable that you wait at least until your 1st AF to begin TTC so that you can know when to begin the progesterone. Good luck.
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It protects the breast, uterus, and ovaries from cancer.

It acts as a natural diuretic.

It produces a calming, anti-anxiety effect.

It contributes to formation of new bone tissue.

Progesterone is a female hormone important for the regulation of ovulation and menstruation.

Makes the endometrium(lining of uterus) develop and secrete fluids after being primed by estrogen.

Maintains the functions of the placenta and fights off unwanted cells near the womb that could cause damage to the placenta or baby.

Keeps the endometrium in a thickened condition.

Stops the uterus making spontaneous movements.

Stimulates  breast tissue growth.

Prevents lactation until after the birth (with estrogen).

Strengthens the mucus plug covering the cervix to prevent infection.

Strengthens the pelvic walls in preparation for labor.

Stops the uterus from contracting (thus keeping the baby where it is).
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