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side pain when i ovulate

i wanted to know why does my side right above my vagina ache when i ovulate
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I have the same thing each month.  My doctor told me that we can actual feel ourselves release the egg.  It is very nice if you are TTC, but does put you in some pain.  Nothing to worry about it happens to a lot of women. Best of luck to you
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Yep....I have it too! Like Kimbr7 said...it is super helpful when TTC, but it does get pretty painful. I always have lots of ovualtion pain.
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I had an awful achy pain in my side for a week leading to ovulation, sometimes it hurt so bad I cried. I asked my Gyno about it, if it was normal, and she said some women Just have it really bad...I mean the pain was so bad for me, It was almost worse than my period cramps. When ttc, I also used this as an indicator of ovulation time, it worked at some point!
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I always had this pain too.  I could tell which side my egg was being release from every month.  The pain was always worse on one side than it was the other for me.  The pain is commonly called middle pain or mittelschmerz.  I have a website for you where you can go and learn more about it.

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