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Okay this might be a little long..I'm going to start by saying that I'm 17-pregnant-and I'm not sure of how far along I am. i found out i was pregnant February 11th, it was quite a shock because I had just had what i thought was my period on February2-8th. Its been verified that I am pregnant. I went to the emergency room on the 12th because I had spot bleed 3days before the 2nd and I still  am to this day (feb.26 very light,and reddish-brown). I have had a vaginal ultra sound but nothing was shown. I have been seeing my regular doctor and am suppose to go back again this Wednesday. I'm very worried because I am spotting, and because of my hCG levels, on February 12th-89,  February 14th-150, and on February 21st-275. When I received my results yesterday that were 275 the nurse told my that my doctor gas marked suggested ectopic pregnancy which is unbelievable to me because i am experiencing no pain at all. Has anyone else experienced this? Could there be other causes? On Wednesday after I hear what he sys should I get a second opinion? Is there a chance hes wrong? Can I sill carry full term if my hCG levels are rising slow, the haven't dropped so far. Is it okay for levels to rise slowly? Any advice on anything would be great.

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anyone please, advice, facts, anything.
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The slow rising hcg is not a good sign, I'm afraid. My EP started off like yours. I had some bleeding that I assumed was my period, but it wasn't. Nothing was ever seen on the u/s and I had no pain at all.

Anything is possible, but it sounds like an abnormal pregnancy. I'm sorry, and I hope I'm wrong.
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thanks then, i wanted this. but ok. thanks for your input
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hi there

a slow rising HCG level is not good news as they need to be doubling every 48 hrs. I too had a red brown bleed for my ectopic and i got a  methotrexate shot as treatment. I also had an insistent pain on my side.
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thanks for your input. thats what im afraid of. i know that only 85% of womens hCG levels double 48-72 hours. and i know that the twin gene is strong in my finance and i have heard stories about how women miscarry one child but continue full term with the other,  but i dont know. it just feels weird to me because i have no pain.
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when they did a vaginal ultasound for me, they couldnt see a sac in my uterus either. Having more bloods done every second day will give them an indication of this being a viable pregnancy. Just so you know my HCG was increasing but not doubling. Also. from your numbers, i think you might be about 4weeks? Just dont wait too long for treatment if they decide its an ectopic as its dangerous if it bursts.

Good luck.
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