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so lost, want to know my chances of being pregnant

ok, all I want to know lately is if I am pregnant or not. I took a test Monday morning. It's now Wednesday night. It was negative. I hate that negative symbol. I am too afraid to take another test, we dont want to be let down again.

Here is my story. We miscarried at the end of october. I am not sure exactly which day, the bleeding lasted about a week and a half. On Nov 24 I started to get EWCM which lasted 3 days. Following that it became very wet, clear, like water which lasted 3 days. And then turned to an opaque type of cm. (TMI? sorry) I started to get a runny nose on the 30th which I still have now (9th Dec). Since right before EWCM I have been cramping, mildly, like I was when my uterus was stretching during my pregnancy.

I am first wondering if I ovulated. I wasn't doing the OPK tests. I know that many women get swollen, tender breasts before their period, but that never really happens to me. Since the first of Dec my bbs have been extremely heavy, swollen, and they feel bruised when touched. As of yesterday my nipples have started to ache badly, and bbs still sore. cramping most of the day, but still very mild.

I am so lost, I dont know whats going on with my body... I guessed that I ovulated the 26th or 27th. Which would make me 12 or 13 dpo. I tested Monday which could have been 10 or 11 dpo and maybe too early to test?

Any advice would be much appreciated.
Or perhaps even just some support would be lovely :)

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i'm new to this pregnancy thing but what i've learned is to truly know if you are pregnant is by getting blood work done to test for the HCG hormone (pregnancy hormone). if its there & increasing then you are definitely pregnant & its also usually what causes the pregnancy symptoms...good luck
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After a miscarriage, your body can do strange things for a while.  Sometimes it takes HCG (the pregnancy hormone) a bit of time to get back to 0 and sometimes there is just a bit of a hormonal imbalance created by the miscarriage.  If you had a negative pregnancy test, that is actually good, because it means HCG's are back to 0 and your body can ovulate again.  With the egg white cm it does sound like you probably ovulated.  The symptoms you are experiencing could be your body just getting ready to menstrate or yes, it could be another pregnancy. It's really impossible to say without a HPT or bloodwork from your Dr. It's possible that 10 or 11 DPO was too early to test...much can depend on the brand of HPT you used (they have different sensitivity levels).    I understand why you are afraid to take another test, but honestly, its the only way to know for certain.  I would wait until you are at least 14 days past the date you think you ovulated, then take a sensitive test with first morning urine.  Personally, I really like the First Response brand.  I believe it has the lowest sensitivity level.  I wish you luck!  
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