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weight gain

Okay, so I gotta tell you I'm a little upset about my weight gain.  I am 31 weeks, possibley 33.  My dates may be off.  I went for an emerg apt on Tuesday and that doctor told me to cut the calories because I've gained way too much weight.  I have gained exactly 30 lbs.  I just don't know what to do.  I eat 3 meals a day and don't snack at all.  I don't eat chips or candy.  I do like ice cream alot and have it once in awhile but not really any more that I did before I got pregnant.  I do have a sit down job and not much opportunity to exercise.  I may be able to now that I only have to drive 5 miles to work instead of 50 one way!!  I could eat 2 meals I guess but lately I've been starving all the time!!!
I don't know what to do.  Do you think that everybody is just different and I could have alot of water??   I've always struggled with my weight.  Always been up and down.  I'm kinda frustrated.
Feel free to use as open forum!
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My Dr. was concerned about my weight gain and I told her to get off my back.  As long as I am eating healthy and my baby is healthy I don't care.  I know women at my job that have gained 50-60 lbs...been perfectly healthy and lost it all afterwards.  If I am not showing symptoms of gestational diabestes or elevated bp  or anything...I am going to enjoy my lard.  Hell, 30 lbs at 31 wks is fine...I plan to pass up 30 lbs well b4 you!
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Hi, thanks for your beautifull comment, i hope you get to see his picture's!

About the weight...i really wouldn't worry too much? I gained a whopping 50lbs with my first son. opps!  I was a size uk8 and went to a size 16...ahh.

But after i had him, i watched what i was eating and did lot's of exercising and went to a UK 10, which i was happy about.

I never went as big with my next 2, prob 1-2 stone less...lol and with this one i have gained 1 stone and im only 23wks. My 3 boys were all 8lb 2oz, so not too bad.

I think everyone is different, you could be carring more water etc...you can always concentrate on losing any weight after you have had your baby, just enjoy you last few wks..not long to go eh..
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Thanks girls...My husband says not to worry but I don't know if he's just being nice.  
I passed my diabetes test with flying colors so I'm not worried about that.  
He said I'm measuring 2 weeks ahead but probably having a big baby.  
I still think I'm father ahead and my dates are off.  I had a chemical pregnancy before him but the doctor never checked me so I'm not even sure if I did m/c or not.  
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Must be all those slushies, lol :)

I was suprised at the end of my last pregnancy, I was putting on weight like crazy, and I am a petite, normally thin, 5 foot 2. I put on like 10 lbs. in the last 2 months...it was like 35 lbs. all together or close to. I felt like a beast, especially since everyone said I would only gain 20 lbs. Just keep eating healthy and you will be fine! I had a very healthy little girl and my stomach basicly deflated after the birth, It was a lot of fluid weight..I'm sure you are retaining a lot of water too.
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Girl, I so wouldn't worry about it. Everyone is different. I'm 24wks and Have gained probably like 24lbs. I'm gained about 2lbs a wk now. So I will probably hit 50-60lbs before it's over with and I eat healthy. Fruits, veggies... stuff like that. Some days I splurge and eat a little more, but hey I'm pregnant. Don't stress it. Especially if you aren't having any other problems.
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Unless u were overweight before you got pregnant I do not think 30 lbs at your stage is alot. Some doctors are funny that way. That last month you dont gain as much and even may loose a little. I would probably just try to walk as much as you can.
I remember going to my doctor with my first, I was about 118 when I got pregnant with him I was probably at about 30 lbs at the same time of my pregnancy just like you and he told me the same thing. I got all upset and stressed out (which is so bad). I lost every lb and then some. If u nurse you will loose it. I have met many woman who have gained40, 50 , 60 lbs and lost it.
Dont let the doc stress you out and steal your joy. You will be fine.
I have only gained 17 lbs with this pregnancy and am about 31 weeks. The only reason is though is becasue I had morning sickness for a long time.  
I think now days pregnant woman are compared to the Angelina Jolies of the world and are expected to live up to that standard of looking like that during pregnancy.
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Why do they think you might be 33 wks? Are you measuring ahead (fundal height)? I am...I'm measuring about 32 weeks, but I know when I ovulated, so I know I'm 31 weeks (Sunday). As of Wednesday I have gained 21 lbs. Not too bad, but I will probably be up in the 30's, which I didn't want.
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When I went for that 3-d he was measuring 2 weeks ahead.  The doctor measured me and I measured 2 weeks ahead.  
The thing is before I got pregnant with him I was pregnant.  I went to the doctors the day I found out (about 5 days after I would have been due)  The doctor told me I was going to m/c because my test was faint.  No exam, nothing.  A couple days later I bleed for about 3 days.  I never lost symptoms and tested again a couple weeks later and got a positive.  I switched doctors and here I am....
I'm wondering if I didn't m/c?
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yep, guilty of the slushies   :(
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I wondered the same thing. Same as you, I miscarried, but it was 11/16. I was lucky though, because I went in for an exam and they tested my hCG levels on 11/30 and they were back down to 0. I got a + and ovulation pain on 11/28 and my BFP on 12/7, but it was a DARK + and wasn't even in the morning. 9 dpo, not using fmu and it's a dark +? I always wonder if I truly did miscarry, but then again, I had the 0 hCG on 11/30. It's all so confusing! Did they keep your original due date?
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Count your blessing honey, I'm 38w3d and have gained 50pounds!!  I would have killed to only gain 30 at 31or33w.  Take the pressure off yourself it could be worse :-)
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The nurse said that now they go by the size of the baby and my due date would be Aug 2nd.  The doctor was kinda a jerk and didn't say much about it.  I guess he'll get here when he does?
He kept going back and forth in size in the early u/s too.  Who really knows.  I just wish that first doctor did somthing other than predict my m/c.  I switched doctors because that was my 2nd m/c in only a few months and he told me not to get preg again till spring.  I didn't feel like getting yelled at.  Plus I didn't like how he handled my last visit.  
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