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Amenorrhea at 24 years of age

Hello. I am a 24 y.o. female (will be 25 in two weeks) and have been having dysmenorrhea since September 2016. I will try to describe my situation as thoroughly as possible below.

PRIOR PERIOD HISTORY: I first got my period at 14. Before September 2016, I was consitently having 7-day periods, sometimes irregular, but never more than 45-50 days apart. For the 6 months prior to September I was having very regular periods every 28-30 days (however two periods in August, 2 weeks apart - the second one was very light).  I was prescribed and had been taking hormonal birth control pills "Lindynette 20" for 3 months when I was 15 (my mother was very concerned for a 15y.o. girl's irregular periods, I know... and it did nothing) and have not been taking any BC since.

IRREGULARITIES, MEDICATIONS:  I had no period from the end of August to the end of November 2016. This wasn't a particularly stressful time at work or in life, so this doubled my confusion. In the middle of November I went to my first doctor who prescribed me to take a period-inducing pill Duphaston (Didrogesterone 10 mg) and BC. I have taken neither, as the other advice she gave made me doubt her qualification (such as suggesting that I need to have sperm inside me to stimulate the ovaries). Then it finally started on its own at the end of November.
Then there was no period again for 3 months, and in March I decided not to wait and take 100mg of Duphaston as was prescribed the last time (2 pills every day for 5 days) and within 2 days got withdrawal bleeding. In April I went to another doctor who put me on Duphason and had me take a hormone blood test the 2nd day of my progesterone-induced cycle (which makes me doubt the correctness of my results now that I think about it – but that’s what the doctor said). I just got the results back and they are all within their normal amounts:
- TSH (3.80 μIU/ml)
- Total (.47 ng/ml), Bioavailable (32.36%) and Free Testosterone (.01 ng/ml)
- FSH (7.89 mIU/ml)
- Estradiol (90 pg/ml)
- LH (22.86 mEq/l) – sorry if I got the measures wrong, as I am translating from Russian.
In terms of general health I am doing okay. I am 5”7 (174 cm) and 136 lbs (62 kg), have no visible symptoms of hormonal imbalance and feel fine.
ULTRASOUND: I had two intravaginal ultrasounds done (middle of November and middle of April 2017). Both showed the same results: I have multi-follicular ovaries. I was told that the follicles do not mature and there is no dominant follicle. I have 7-12 follicles in each ovary. Endometrium is 5mm thin. Everything else is fine. I included a picture of the ultrasound done on April 19.
OTHER DISORDERS: I was diagnosed with HPV when I was 17 (became sexually active at 18) and have outbreaks of single small warts on vulva. I get tests done regularly (polymerase chain reaction, or PCR method) and do not have the cancerous type.
I went to the second doctor this April (hence the second ultrasound) and was told that I have small single warts on my vulva and in the vestibule of the vagina. My doctor prescribed an immunomodulator (peptidoglycan) and an anti-viral drug (a russian-produced alloferon). I also found out to have cervix leukoplakia, and now I am waiting for my insurance to approve my Pap-test.
Finally, QUESTIONS: Thank you so much to have read this far. I guess my question is, what could possibly be wrong with my cycle? Is there a way of treating it, other than hormonal birth control? Could it be connected with the diseases that I have? I will appreciate any additional questions and any help. Thank you very much.
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I had periods every 3 to 4 months for a year and a half in my 20's.  I had two things going on---  first, a hormonal imbalance in that I was producing too much estrogen.  Second, my thyroid was functioning slow.  That combined made for very long cycles.  Major pain as I would get pms at 3 weeks in and it would last.  I was scheduled to begin working with an endocrinologist (who specializes in hormones/ thyroids) when things kind of just righted themselves.  My period got more regular, shorter cycles and I went on to have my kids.  I had no treatment and it got better.

anyway, you are working with your doctor.  Keep us in the loop of what they say to you about this and what happens.
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