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Birth control and pms

When on birth control pills does your body still feel symptoms of a period before it comes? For example, breast tenderness or something like that. The reason i am asking is because i can feel and see a vein in each one of my breasts and i can't remember if it was always like that or not.I'm worried about pregnancy because a little more than a week ago the condom broke. At the time of this mishap I had taken about nine or ten pills correctly and everything but i'm still nervous. My questions are, how soon after conception does a woman start having symptoms? Is it normal to feel and see a vein in both breasts without being pregnant? And while on birth control pills does the body still have symptoms of a period thats on the way before the placebo week and i m really confused about how the pill effects ovulation and all that. Also is the risk of pregnancy high with no ejaculation, only pre-***? Thanks in advance.
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Not sure I can help, but here goes... I was on BCP for years and I always had PMS symptoms. Not as bad as before BCP, but the breast pain was just as bad and worse sometimes. I felt that they got a lot more swollen. As for the vein, I have also had this with PMS when they are really swollen. As for PG symptoms. I believe it takes at least  days for implantation to occur and your homones to change, and even then it is a slight change. I would suggest you wait for your period and if it doesnt come take a HPT. The pill is supposed to stop or supress ovulation, but it depends on what you are on and the hormone levels in the pill. Your Dr. could best explain all this. Also, there is always a risk of PG with any vaginal contact with semen. Personally, I wouldnt worry too much about it. Hope this helps a little :)
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Just wanted to add, that maybe since you are new to the pill, the hormones are causing the breasts to swell which in turn can show the veins. I wouldn't worry too much about being pregnant given what you've said. Kudos for keeping you and your partner as protected as possible. Keep using the condoms until you've been on the pill consistantly for a month or two and even then, not a bad idea. If you are not ready for a baby, I say protect it like Fort Knox! LOL
Have a good on and relax.
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i was just wondering if you are on the contraceptive pill and and are due for your period and have entered one day of the sugar pills and have unprotected sex can you get pregnant? Is you fertility rate higher or lower at that time?
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You are still protected. The "placebos" are to allow the lining of the uterus to shed, maintaining regularity etc.. Did you get your period during that week? If not then you should speak to your doctor. The only form of birth control that is 100% affective is abstinance. It may just be that you need a different pill.
You could and should also use condoms as well as the pill which will leave even less room for doubt. And always a good idea to protect against STD's.
I know youhad problems getting your question answered as I just saw on another thread, but like someone else advised, you should start a new thread to get more attention. And also give everyone a chance to answer. People aren't just sitting here all day. They pop on now and then and scan, so no one was trying to ignore you or be rude. And you shouldn't be either..
Hope I helpped a bit to ease your concerns.
Have a great day.
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