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Can u get pregnant on the pill?

I have just started taking the pill.  My gyno prescribed it because I had been on the depo and was having irregular periods.  I have only been taking it for about five days, and I was just wondering if I could get pregnant while on it? Because on the 11th I believe I started ovulating (this is the first time since I quit the depo) and I am wondering if the combination of the pill, and the provera the hospital put me on kind of shocked my body back into normalcy.  My partner and I want to have a child, and I am just wondering if it is likely that I could ovulate and get pregnant while on the pill since I haven't even been on it that long.
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People do get preggers on the pill.  It is usually either from irregularities in them taking it, like they forgot one or more, or else it is because it was their first month and all the hormone action was not fully in sync with their body yet.  (Very rarely, it will be because the hormone dose in the pill wasn't strong enough for them.)
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yes..you can get pregnant on the pill.  Like anniebrooke said, it is usually because of human error like a missed pill, etc...or drug, drug interactions like antibiotics (which can cause the pill to not be effective).  Particularly if you just started taking the pill (5 days i think you said), your hormone level is probably not high enough.  If you and your partner want to get pregnant...go off of the pill.
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yes you definately can get pregnant. I was prescribed the pill and got pregnant while taking it, now im 33 weeks along.
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Me too, got pregnant with my son on the pill.  I was taking it at the same time every day, and hadn't missed any.  My mom got pregnant on the pill too though, my Dr. said some women it just isn't as effective for.  Once you get regular it will be easier to know when to start trying, but by all means if you are ready, I would stop the pill soon and start!
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If the pill is working properly, you will not ovulate and therefore cannot conceive on it. However, many women's bodies do not respond properly to the pill (no fault of their own ... you may take it flawlessly and still become impregnated). I knew a woman who got pregnant two or three times on the pill although she took it regularly. However, many women use it as their sole source of birth control for years without pregnancy because their bodies respond positively to it. It is supposed to be 99.9% effective, but I know too many women who conceived on it to believe it truly has this level of effectiveness. Best wishes!
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chances are very slim that you can get pregnant while on the pill. if you have just started your first month, keep taking the pill everyday at the same time, and you will not ovulate, and you will be protected from pregnancy. the pill is 99% effective, don't worry too much!!! yes there are stories of women getting pregnant on the pill, but don't let that freak you out too much. it is still one of the most effective methods of birth control.
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