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Dark Blood between Periods

I sometimes get dark blood discharge in between periods it last a few days to a week and ranges from a little smear to sometimes a clump.  It does not hurt and does not flow like my period.  It's more like dark (almost black)discharge.  I notice I get it a day or two after exercising and thought I might be aggravating something.  This has been happening sporadically over 5 years.. I am 31 years old.  I am not on the pill and never have been and don't have kids (I did get an abortion 8 years ago).  I have gone to a few gynocologists and they've said all my tests were normal.  I also had an ultrasound (in between my cycle)to look for possible polyps but they said it looked clear and normal.  My last gynocoligist told me to go for another ultrasound a few days after my period as they may get a clearer picture.  This makes me nervous as I don't think it's normal and no one can give me an answer.  I've read about endometriosis and am not sure if I really have those symptoms and since my dr. never brought it up I figured that was not the issue. I was hoping that someone could shed some light on this for me.

Thank you.
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I am having the exact same issue, and have almost the same background/age as you (with the exceptin that I have never been pregnant).  Have you learned anything else?
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Did you ever get a reply on this one? I have the same history and same problem..
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Me too, I'm 21 and i get it after exercise and never been pregnant.  not on pills either
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I have almost the same exact history and problem. I have been to several doctors to no avail. Has there been any diagnosis or light on this subject?
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I am 26 years old and I have been having the same problem. I Have endometriois and it is no Joke. I lost one of my tube when i was 21 due to a tubal pregnacy. I have not yet been able to get pregnant since. I heard that sometime loosing weight helps, with fertillity so thats when i started workin out  and now i have been seeing that dark brown bleeding and almost black blood. Is that a side effect of working out or somthing. I really need to talk someone that is going through what im going through. somebody help!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i've been having the same problem too! i keep looking up what it could be, and the diseases are freaking me out. We need someone tot ell us what's going on...I hope it's nothing serious! HEEELLLPPPP :O
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