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Fasting during pregnancy!

Hi and thanks a lot for your attention, I'm pregnant and my embryo is 7 weeks old.
Now I have a problem and need your help. I'm Moslem and this month is Ramadan which called Lent. In this month we must abstain eating from 5 a.m. up to 6:20 p.m. (nearly 14 hours). We are eating two times, one after 6:20 p.m. and second before 5 a.m. and also between these times we can eat. I'm not sure that this regime is harmful for my embryo or not?
Would you please let's know whether I'm permitted (for my baby's health) to follow this regime or not?

I'm waiting your reply with my best regards
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no that is definatly not good for a developing baby and yourself you will find yourself being sick feeling sick and lathargic i wouldnt say it would be the best option i no i went through the same thing if i didnt have access to food for a while i would feel really sik and im not normal a very big eater you have to eat for you and your baby best of luck anyway amanda
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I would say that it would not be the best thing, especially if you are not allowed juice or water. Not to mention that at where you are now in your pregnancy is usually when morning sickness starts if you have not started having it now. To have an empty stomach all day will only worsen the empty stomach. Your baby needs nutrients. I am sure that your family and religious leaders will understand, hopefully.
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Is there something else you can give up during that time?
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It is clearly stated in muslim law that pregnant women, breast feeding women and menstruating women, as well as the elderly and ill are not expected to fast.
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Hi and thanks my friends for your reply.
For "jluhart", I would say No, there isn't any thing that we can give up during fasting.
For "Sares", I would say there is not any muslim law for pregnant which should eat during pregnancy and they say it must be accordance with doctor's agreements.
For "still a mom", I asked this question with internet experts(pregnancy experts) and they said that baby will pumped out anything it need to growth properly from mom's body, and you should take into account your general conditions. If you have headache or vertigo or any other unusual condition, you must eat and otherwise you can get it.
At the end, I should say that there is nothing greater than satisfying the god and I'm sure also my baby would be agree with me.
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at least take a vitamin before you start. i dont see the harm with fasting. your still pretty early and i think everything should be fine.i had to take the glucose test 4 times and each time i couldnt have anything after midnight even if the appt. was at noon or later. just take your pre- natal vitamins. congrats on the baby
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