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Fasting during pregnancy!

Hi and thanks a lot for your attention, I'm pregnant and my embryo is 7 weeks old.
Now I have a problem and need your help. I'm Moslem and this month is Ramadan which called Lent. In this month we must abstain eating from 5 a.m. up to 6:20 p.m. (nearly 14 hours). We are eating two times, one after 6:20 p.m. and second before 5 a.m. and also between these times we can eat. I'm not sure that this regime is harmful for my embryo or not?
Would you please let's know whether I'm permitted (for my baby's health) to follow this regime or not?

I'm waiting your reply with my best regards
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no that is definatly not good for a developing baby and yourself you will find yourself being sick feeling sick and lathargic i wouldnt say it would be the best option i no i went through the same thing if i didnt have access to food for a while i would feel really sik and im not normal a very big eater you have to eat for you and your baby best of luck anyway amanda
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I would say that it would not be the best thing, especially if you are not allowed juice or water. Not to mention that at where you are now in your pregnancy is usually when morning sickness starts if you have not started having it now. To have an empty stomach all day will only worsen the empty stomach. Your baby needs nutrients. I am sure that your family and religious leaders will understand, hopefully.
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Is there something else you can give up during that time?
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It is clearly stated in muslim law that pregnant women, breast feeding women and menstruating women, as well as the elderly and ill are not expected to fast.
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Hi and thanks my friends for your reply.
For "jluhart", I would say No, there isn't any thing that we can give up during fasting.
For "Sares", I would say there is not any muslim law for pregnant which should eat during pregnancy and they say it must be accordance with doctor's agreements.
For "still a mom", I asked this question with internet experts(pregnancy experts) and they said that baby will pumped out anything it need to growth properly from mom's body, and you should take into account your general conditions. If you have headache or vertigo or any other unusual condition, you must eat and otherwise you can get it.
At the end, I should say that there is nothing greater than satisfying the god and I'm sure also my baby would be agree with me.
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at least take a vitamin before you start. i dont see the harm with fasting. your still pretty early and i think everything should be fine.i had to take the glucose test 4 times and each time i couldnt have anything after midnight even if the appt. was at noon or later. just take your pre- natal vitamins. congrats on the baby
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mbatiri - If you already had your mind made up that you were going to fast because you're sure that your baby would agree with you, and and already talked to "pregnancy experts", then why did you post the question?

sares - can you explain where in the law it clearly states it?
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I worked with a Muslim and he said that anyone that was sick or something would not have to fast.  I am sure pregancy would fall under the catagory of you dont have to.  However, if you choose to eat well balanced meals or whatever during the time period you are allowed to eat, then it should be fine.  I thought you fasted from dawn until dusk (sun up to sun down), why could you not eat more often than you stated?
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Hi,  I wrote that post quickly between cases at work and didn't articulate myself very well! When I said the muslim law, I meant the Koran. I am a theate ob/gyn nurse, we have lots of muslim patients here and when they are pregnant or breast feeding they don't fast because they have told me that the koran states that pregnant, breast feeding, the ill or elderly are not expected to. I am quite surprised that "mbatiri" feels that she is expected to, but perhaps in her particular muslim community they are more strict on this (purley speculation on my part!) Have a good day, hope this clarifies. Sars
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Hi and thanks everyone that is interested in this matter.
For "Iwantotbemom", I would say that I want to collect every new ideas about this matter that if fasting affects baby's growth or not? As you know science and knowledge growth every day and new things come to know every hour. For that reseaon I want to know is there any new idea?
For "gonza" I would say we eat other time than sun up-sun down but as you know our stomach has a limitted space and we can only full it and no more.
For "sares" I would say that there is not anything in koran for pregnancy but for others, its true. Please say this for your patient if they talk about that with you. As you know we have one koran and its commands is very clear and don't related to communities.
At the end I thank you and waiting new idaes about relation between fasting and baby's health.
Best regards
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I went online and researched the rules of Ramadan.  You seem to be mistaken that you are absolutely required to fast:

Finding #1
Beginning Nov. 17, Muslims will be expected to abstain from all food, drink, and conjugal relations from the first light of dawn until sundown. Those who are sick, elderly, pregnant or at war, however, may fast at another time. At the close of each day, families and friends gather to break the fast together with water and dates and a special dinner.

Finding #2
When a pregnant woman or nursing mother eats, they do so for the health of themselves and their babies. Their decision to fast depends on how they feel. If they feel that fasting may jeopardize their life and injure the unborn or newly born, the Lawgiver gives them permission to break fast. They will have to make it up at any time after Ramadan before the next Ramadan.

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i know this sounds horrible, but stuff ur religion for now, you got to think about the 2 most important things, you are your baby, and not ur religion

sorry if that sounded harsh.
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You can't tell someone to "stuff ur religion".  But as I pointed out above, there are ways to compromise and work with the rules of religion, instead of against them.
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i think mbatiri should just stuff her religion for the time that she is pregnant, and try and make it up at the end of her pregnancy, the baby is more imporant than her religion for the time being.
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i think mbatiri should just stuff her religion for the time that she is pregnant, and try and make it up at the end of her pregnancy, the baby is more imporant than her religion for the time being.
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mbatiri, I dont know if you are a new convert, but it seems your knowledge on Islam is quite shallow. Your constant messages saying Islam forces pregnant woman to fast during Ramadhan is not only INCORRECT, but is harmful to Islam. Please consult your Islamic Leader (Ustadz) for more info on fasting rulings. Actually you can get these info readily from the net. Just use google!

Bottom Line => Islam allows the Pregnant woman the flexibility of not fasting during Ramadhan if she feels it is harmful for her. The pregnant woman can make up for it later.

apologies if I sound harsh, but I dont like it when Islam is potrayed incorrectly.
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islam is a very understanding religion there are clear sayings abt muslims women if they r pregnent dont need to fast if they dont feel like it or have a medical reason for it but they gotta make up for left rozas later(after birth) same goes for breastfeeding moms or patient who r ill.now if the question arise that a person is terminaly ill then what that person gotta do is provide for a muslim to open a fast.
now fasting in no way is harmful for the baby. the baby is taking nutrietnts from ur reservoir.just stick to ur prenatal vitamins and good diet planned with ur doctor and try  if u can fast.if u dont feel like it there is no pressure for u to fast but u gotta make up for it laters.our history is full of examples of women who fasted during pregnency and their children turned out gr8 even our moms did the same thing when expecting us.
now for miss friendly_ liz...........its so wrong to say to any one to stuff his/her religion without even knowing that religion in detail.u may hurt some ones feelings like that.im a muslim and im pregnant and im fasting.i have seen no problems mentioned by u so far during my  pregnancy and i feel confident that i can continue to fast.
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I understand everybodys opinion but the opinion is not coming from the slamic point of view. Normally people would say your not suppose to fast because its bad for your health due to lack nutrition etc even if your not pregnant but they are not respecting your religion. It is recommended that from the age of puberty on wards everybody should fast unless your very ill, and it could be damaging your health or if your at the war and if your very old to fast. In this case you should give charity for your missed fast and ask for forgiveness. It does not say that if your pregnant or breast feeding you can not fast or otherwise it would have been stated. Islam is a understanding religion and does not want people to harm them self, so its does say if you feel ill, or the fasting could be harmful for the mother or for the baby or if it is too much for the mother and not because of lazyness, they are allowed not to fast. But they have to make up for the missed fast before next Ramamdan.
So to answer your question go to your doctor to check your and yout baby health and if fasting will be bad for health with the respect of your religion. And if you do fast during pregnancy, make sure you see your doctor regulary during the time of Ramadan.
My big sister was born during Ramadan and my mum kept all fast even couple days before she was born and it was during the summer then!but she did not fast once my sister was born and my mum kept all fast when she pregnant and i was a foetus. My sister got a degree in Pharmcology and works in a big pharmaceutical company now and has no health problem and i am a Charted Physiotherapist and i too have no health problem. So inconclusion my mum fasting during pregnancy has caused no health problem for us and for my mum.
But remember not everybodys body is the same, so check with your doctor first and regulary before fasting and during fasting and make sure the doctor respects your religion point of view.
And remember the more difficult the fast is the more the reward.
Thank you.
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About a year ago, I fasted at the beginning of a pregnancy (6th week) without consultation with a doctor, but with a religious authority who said I should fast till I didn't feel good. I managed 3/4 of the fast, but within 24 hours afterward, I started staining and eventually ended up in hospital with a miscarriage.
I asked the doctors if it was because of the fasting, and they said not necessarily, and I was also told by other women that there are other religious opinions not to fast at all.
I am now pregnant again but in 6th month. My doctor told me I must not fast,especially at this stage of the pregnancy.
Now I need to explain this advice to my religious authority to determine what I must do.  Also the seasonal aspect has to be taken into account (heat)
I hope that what I said can help others in any way, and may all "preggies" have healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries.

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In Islam a pregnant women is not obligated to fast. Just as the elderly  person and a women who is menstruating is not obligated. And yes there is something else you can do in lue of fasting. You can feed a poor person for every day of fasting you missed and this will fulfill your obligation to Allah. If you still have questions you should consult your Imam and your gynocologist.
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i would like to ask one question that is little bit same to my other sister. as today the month of ramadan begins and i am 15 weeks pregnant. so, plz tell me that at this stage can i fast?
im waiting 4 ur reply
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At no stage is it safe for the baby to fast!
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Hi I am 14 weeks pregnant, Islamically if fasting makes you ill or sick because you are pregnant you don't have to fast but have to make it up later, if fasting will cause harm to your baby which may occur if you have a high risk pregnancy or you are already severely underweight then it is haram to fast at this time. Otherwise it is safe for you to fast this has been proven medically, our bodies hold stores so during the fasting hours our baby can use these stores and when we eat again at iftar or suhoor these stores are topped up.

I didn't fast the first 3 days because just coming off the first trimester I would feel really ill if I went without food for a few hours and would throw up. But now I am fasting and I am coping fine, the pregnancy is not affecting my fasting whatsoever, I feel like how I did when I fasted last year.

Hope this helps
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