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Fibroids, Heavy bleeding & Anemia

Hi, I am 31 years old. I had a 9cm fibroid removed june 2009. Got pregnant 7 months later. During my 12 week ultrasound, they found another 5cm fibroid ! Well I had the baby 9/2010.. But now, my periods are 7 days long. The first 36-48 hours HEAVY BLEEDING! I saturate a pad every hour. Everytime I go to urine, blood gushes too, then I feel so lightheaded during these times. the rest of the days taper off. But on the 4th day, it gets heavy again for a few hours and then completely tapers off until day 7. Im anemic, dont know how low my actual iron count is. But I know I walk around feeling like im gonna damn near pass out sometimes. Im weak, dizzy, lightheaded, I have no life basically, other than laying in the bed or on the floor. I figuer it has gotten bigger. I will continue my treatment once my insurance kicks in. Im thinking of a hystorectomy, but my doc said I was too young. Does anybody else experience fibroids, heavy bleeding and anemia symptoms? Also, I dont have much pain during my periods, just heavy bleeding..plus this is causing my anxiety to go crazy!!
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I would get a lot of cysts when I drank coffee, on both my breasts and ovaries which caused painful periods.  I take Rainbow Light prenatals now to help with iron (non-constipating) and it helps.  I used to get so sick when I had my periods and now I am a lot better during it.
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Thank you for replying! I can relate to the sick during the period part, my period is starting today, and ugh!! I got this nasty headache with dizziness...tomorrow is when it starts heavy!
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mine used to be so bad I would have to literally call in from work once a month, I definitely empathize with you.
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