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Severe PMS symptoms - should I consider a hysterectomy?

I'm 35.  A year ago I had a blood test for thyroid.  My thyroid was fine, so my doctor suggested I go to an OB/GYN and ask about PCOS, as my glucose was slightly elevated (102) & I am obese.  Also, my periods were slightly irregular, but only by a few days.  They may start a little early or late, but I have never missed a period.

The nurse practitioner didn't think I had PCOS, as I had no missed periods, hair loss/increase, acne, etc.  However, she did say I might be eligible for a hysterectomy because of severe PMS symptoms & heavy flow, since I'm not trying to get pregnant.  

My periods are extremely heavy - I use about 1 tampon/hour for the first 2 days & I get very fatigued.  The NP thinks I may be anemic during my period, & I have a standing order for a blood test when I get my cycle.

Also, PMS for me is 2+ weeks of severe cramping, anxiety/depression, headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, & I often catch some cold or flu as though my immune system has conked out.

However, I just don't want to have a hysterectomy.  I would, however, like some relief from the PMS and other monthly problems I have.  They've gotten worse as I've gotten older - I only have maybe one week a month where I feel normal.

What other options do I have?  I can't take birth control pills (it raises my blood pressure) and the NP didn't mention other treatments.  She's supposed to call me in a day or two.  What can I ask her, and what treatments can I mention to her when she calls?
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My girlfriend had a hysterectomy at a young age because of these problems.  She also could not take the birth control pill for other reasons.  She had her children and then the pain of monthly issues would not subside for her.  she finally had it done--and feels much better.  She was able to keep her ovaries so she is not on hormones.  She is a much better person and loves life now that she is not hurting for 9 days out of the month.  I would say as long as you are complete on your family--go for for your health both mentally and physically.
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I got my periods when i was 12 years old (i am now 32)
and my periods have ALWAYS been a pain in the ***
extreme cramping, tyred, weakness in the legs, vomiting etc..
my doctor had given me prescriptions and even the pill and NOTHING
worked (not even my anaprox and extremely hot water bottle on the tummy)
i wanted the operation also.. untill my gyn told me weit untill you have children i am sure all will go away...
and she was right... its been 11 years since i had my first child and i never had periods like that again...
its a big decision to have that operation i think...and you should see your option first.
do you want to have children?
maybe that will change for you also...
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Thanks guys.  It's a lot to think about!  I'd like to try something before a hysterectomy, that just seems too much right now.
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