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Sore in the genital area

I had a lump in the genital area. After a few days it oussed pus and blood. Then cleared up a week later a have another one.
Same deal hard at first still hard around the area now oussing pus and blood. Went to the doctor and was told it wasn't herpes but she doesn't know what cause it and thinks it may be infected glands. Anyone have any ideas? I have reach menopause.
Does that mater?
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well, i had just what you described. it was like a cyst but mine was on the side near my vaginal lips. it HURT and especially when i walked. it got bigger and turned purple. i went to the dr. and she said its a barthomews? cyst. nothing to worry about. just put a hot cloth on it as often as possible to drain it. do not squeeze it. it will hurt more. i only squeezed mine when i could see that it was ready (came to head) i know.. gross but it felt SO much better. that was the worst time i had it but it came back again a couple of times mostly when im getting my period though.
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I have the same thing but it's on my inner thigh.  I thought it was a like a blood pimple or something like that, because it comes to a head, but its almost all blood.  It turns purple and hurts a lot.  They're not fun at all.
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do you think yours could be an ingrown hair? try not to pick at it or squeeze it.
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omg i'm so glad to find someone with this same problem.
i get sores exactly like you describe. i've gotten them since i was in my teens. i'm 48 now. doctors have never really been able to explain what they are. i get them more often right before my period starts & especially any kind of genital massage. sometimes it's just 1 sore & sometimes it's clusters of 3 or more. they start out as hard bumps under the skin & mature to boil like sores that are VERY painful. when they get to the boil stage i pop them but they seal & sometimes i have to keep popping them so they drain & start to heal. i also try to keep them very clean & dry as they drain. i use witch hazel to clean them. i'd really like to know what causes this. i'm thinking maybe they are lymph nodes that are irratated easily but i wish i knew why. this is very embarassing to say but i'm not sexually active & haven't been for some time so i do masterbate. these sores are really a problem because i get 1 very close to my clitorous almost everytime i masterbate. it worries me that these sores will appear more if i meet someone & become sexually active with him & cause problems in our sexual relationship. has that happened to anyone else? any knowledge or advice from doctors would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!
atleast now i know i'm not alone(not that i wish this on anyone else)
thank you all
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I have a boil on the inside of my vaginal lip and its been worrying me.  I was afraid it was cancer!  It's red and painful and I've never gotten it before in my entire 23 yrs.  Although, my period is coming.  Maybe its ok not to be so worried?  It sounds like what you guys are describing...
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Thank goodness! finally some people who might be able to help me.
I admit i'm too embarrassed to see a doctor about this problem, as all the GPs around here are male and I dont really want to have to see a gynacologist.

I'm 22 years old and still a virgin, I dont masturbate often though - maybe once a week.

Yet somehow a few months ago I found the same thing on my genetals. what seemed like a hard lump formed under the skin, and shortly thereafter became highly painful and began to purn purple. After having a quick go at it, it popped and i was both amazed and utterly disgusted to see puss and blood just... oozing out of it. But the pain was gone so i was pleased.

Now only a week ago, it seems to have come back again just as sore and "full" as ever and I seem to have to 'drain' it almost daily. Worse still is i just found one after my shower on the under side of my breast! Being DD they are quite large so how long its been there i dont know! I've now drained it too (after much pain) and bandaged them both.

Could anyone PLEASE tell me what these horrible things are and how to deal with them? I hate being so naive about my own body!
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I still have mine and it is soooo painful.  I did some research on it and it seems to be normal.  It has to do with an over production of hormones.  

Sheyla: I share your thoughts on going to the doctor.  I am the same way so I know what its like to have that be your last resort.  Since you are a DD and its summer, you are most likely getting sweat pimples that are becoming infected.  The only think I can really tell you is maybe wash your body with an antispetic wash (not in the nether regions though) a couple times a week.  I used to get them on my arms and other places but since I began using the antiseptic wash a few times a week, I havent had a problem.  As far as the bump on your genitals, the only thing I can really say is keep it clean and apply hot compresses to it.  I hope it helps!  And if you need anything, my email is ***@****
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I don't know if this will help anyone, but you may be carrying staph on your skin. You may also be getting it from your partner (the people who sleep in the same bed etc.) Staph can happen anywhere you have really dry skin or wounds... around the genital area, under the arms, in the nose or even on the face if you have a pimple. What starts out as a little puffiness ends up as big throbbing sores that hurt to touch. These sores are generally hard to begin with and then later are a little softer. Sometimes they open up and drain, sometimes it takes forever. There are a number of things to do to get rid of staph: 1. go to the doctor and get antibiotics (bactrum for 10 days) and some ointment for the lesion and also for the nose since this is where we usually carry staph (bactroban). It will cost about 96.00 (usd) without insurance. 2. wash everything... this means sheets, towels, clothing... everything that you have come in contact with. 3. go to walgreens and get a soap in a green bottle with white writing called Hibicleans -- its over the counter in the first aid section-- this is a great product---- have everyone in your household wash with it, it will kill the staph on your skin-- it doesn't smell bad either. 4. If your lesions don't rupture and drain after about 5-7 days, go back to the doctor and have them lance it, it will fell 100% better once it opens up and drains. 5. Remember that staph is an infection so if you have a child with it be sensitive to the fact that they feel like ****. The infection makes you feel as though you have the flu and can put you down for a couple days. Just do the best you can and things will get better very quickly!
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Hi, I have a bump, that is flesh covered,(pea sized) on my genital area but away from my vaginal lips. I don't know what it is but I'm afraid to guess. When I got out of the shower this morning I noticed it oozed white pus. The area around this bump is tender a little swollen. I have just found out that cysts run in my family but I'm afraid that it could something else like herpes or hpv! I really do need a clue. I so no symptoms of an std and have never had one but I heard that the symptoms can be elusive. I've recieved unprotected oral sex a few times but never had unprotected vaginal sex. I guess it could be folliculitis but I'm just not sure...
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Hi....I have the same problem.....not exzactly the same but close....I am afraid I have Herpes..but I seached it and it said its many bumps and not just one....but u see my problem is that I have only been with one person in my life and I am his first also. So i do not think its any STD. I have a bump and at first it was just a little sore that looked like a pimple and i squeezed it...then nothing came out and it started to swell a little after that. I took a shower before i noticed it and had sex...then after sex it was there. I keep thinking maybe ...i know this sounds gross...but maybe a open pore got fluids in it and it caused it to swell on top of me squeezing it did not help much.....now it is the same size as it was after i squeezed it...its red and it hurts. When stuff did come out of it...it was puss clear and blood...mostly blood...then puss....it is still there and hurts probably from me trying to squeeze it....I am very worried it could be something like herpes.....It didnt itch and there was no rash...like it says for herpes.....It is one swolen bump that i pop open and the same stuff everyone describes comes out. This is my second or 3rd time getting it. Does anyone think i may have herpes or just another infected bump?Please help. The only difference is that i am sexually active and everyone else seems to be not.....please help
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No worries - this can recur and it is more than likely staph as mentioned above.  The area you mention is prone to this due to moisture, bacteria, friction, etc.  It is critical to wash with antibacterial soap as mentioned above.  It is not herpes, STD, etc.  I have had this problem on and off for several years and mine always feel better when I lance it - i know - you shouldnt mess with them, but it seems to relieve the tremendous pain.  I would ask your doctor about staph in the genital area.  Mine appear on my inner thighs, inner and outer labia at various times.  I can go months without one and then have a couple in a matter of weeks.
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