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What would cause intense pain and swelling on one side of clitoral hood?

What started as a bruise-like pain when touched on the left side of my clitoral hood has quickly over a couple of days become overwhelming and extremely painful. It has swollen to about 10 times its normal size and is firm to the touch. I have no discharge, no obvious yeast, no new soaps, no visible cuts or abrasions. This didn’t follow sexual activity. And when I went to my doctor, she and another doctor at the practice both said they’d never seen anything present this way and were at a loss. I’m in SO much pain. Has anyone ever experienced this? It’s only the left side of the clitoral hood.
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So, the doctors just said too bad?  We can get skin infections, things like cellulitis in that area.  If a small amount of staph gets into, for example, a tiny break in the skin there, it can cause the layer of skin to become infected.  Not saying that is what it is but it definitely could be considering it wasn't from friction or anything like that.  I would go back to the doctor and not leave until they have a plan.  You may need antibiotics if is indeed a skin layer infection.  good luck
Thank you so much for responding. They did prescribe an antibiotic and yeast infection medication just to see. I started them yesterday around noon. No relief in any pain or swelling yet. I’m going to another doctor tomorrow morning to see if he has ever seen a patient present with these symptoms.
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