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abnormal vaginal bleeding

I am due for my period and started it on time. I had it for about 8 hours yesterday and then it stopped. It started again today for about 12 hours and was heavy with me being light headed and dizzy and then as quickly as it started it ended again. Has anyone else had this problem or is it just me? I have been off of my birth control for over 4 months and I cant be pregnant seeing as my boyfriend has a zero sperm count. Any help would ber greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance
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I don't really know, but I did have strange periods for awhile when I was off of birth control.  I never did well without the pill, I would get really heavy periods and would stop for a day or two in the middle and then start again.  I would get really light headed and even sick from the cramping, I would also throw up.  I don't know, but maybe your body is still getting regulated again without the hormones.  I would call your Dr. and tell the nurse what's going on, she may be able to help you out.
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How much time had lapsed between the first bleed and the second?

I ask this because sometimes when you are menstruating, and you lie down at nite, the blood pools up.

Than when you get up, it can take a while again for the blood to start flowing again because it coagulates (clumps).

Other than that I dont know.  :\
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When I stopped bleeding I was still moving around and active. The first time I started again I was in bed, but the second time I had been moving around for a while...guess that just means that I have to call the dr.

Thanks for those who responded.
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So my girlfriend and I had sex without the use of a condom a few days before she went on the pill/ had her period, but I pulled out before anything happened. So she gets her period not even a month after her last one, then she goes on the pill, and now it has been about a month and she has been bleeding almost everyday since. I was wondering if she is going to be ok, if this is normal? There is not alot of blood, but it is still there, and I am really worried for her.

Thank you very much.
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