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painful breasts

i dont want to be over reacting, but my breasts hurt really bad! im not even close to my period! is it normal for your breasts to hurt so bad that you cant touch them? they get really tender out of no where, and extremely panful during menstration. i've had to have a mamogram before but the results were negative. could this be cancer related or something else that i dont know about?
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Hi afjaek,
I am a mammogram technologist. I thought you might like some thoughts from me. I have a lot of ladies and even some men come to me with severe breast pain. One of the first things we're taught to tell our patients is that typically breast cancer DOESN'T hurt. I feel it necessary to tell you though that there are always exceptions to the rule, okay? I had to say that.
Now, an ugly question. How old are you? Are you old enough to perhaps be peri-menapausal? Or coming from a different angle, have you started taking hormones of some sort, i.e., birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy like Premarin? Or maybe vitamins that say they have natural products for women in them. One more angle. Could you be pregnant??
I think it would be a good idea if you went to see your OB/GYN. It sounds like, for whatever reason, your hormones might be different than the way they usually are. Trying to get medical advise on a website where there aren't enough doctors to answer every question is not the best idea.
Good luck!!
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lots of caffeine can cause breast tenderness, too. if this is a possibility, stop coffee, sodas, chocolate, etc. it probably won't subside until after your next period.
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Indeed caffeine can cause breast tenderness, if you have fibrocystic breast tissue. That is a totally benign tissue that a lot of women have. I did not mention that to afjaek because her pain sounds more like hormonal changes and less like fibrocyctic breast tissue soreness.
But afjaek, if you seem to get sorer after you have caffeine, maybe more than usual, then stop the caffeine. If it is the caffeine, in a couple of weeks you should see an improvement with you pain.
Good luck again!!
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thank you for the responses. i'm always in the doctors office for something, but as of now i wont have health insurance for another couple of weeks. i figured if i at least had an idea of what the problem was i could better understand myself. im 19 years old!!! i was on the depo-provera shot for two years straight, and recently, in January stopped the injections to take a break. it took about 3 months for me to get a period. they've been regular for 5 consecutive months. as for being pregnant, it's not likely. just recently with in the last two weeks i started having sex again, with condoms. i will get my period around the 21st, so does that mean that im ovulating?
thanks again for all the feed back.
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Hi, the last time my breast were really sore like that, I couldn't hardly get out of bed. I had to actually hold them both in my hands to try and turn over or get out of bed. This was back in 2001. To make a long story short, I was Pregnant!!!! I was cramping and bleeding at the time, but they were hurting so bad until I just went and bought a pregnancy test anyway, and that test turned positive before I could pull the stick from my urine stream. So, before you get alarmed about cancer or anything else right now, go get a pregnancy test and at least you can rule that out, if that isn't your case. Hope this helped. Have a blessed day!!

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I had exactly the same problem several years ago. My breasts would begin to be painful 2, 3 weeks before period, then get somewhat better after the period, then begin to be painful again. I had pain throughout the most of the cycle and it was a nightmare. Was difficult to move, to get out of bed in the morning. I was not pregnant and did not have any other health issues. The doctors were not able to help, they said "You have this type of PMS, so go take some painkillers." Then, I've read an article about different types of PMS in one of the women's magazines ("Women's First" or something like that), and one of the types of PMS they described was exactly like that! The solution suggested was a ridiculously simple one. To improve the hormonal balance of my body, I had to take (1) vitamin E, (2) Calcium, (3) Magnesium, (4) vitamin B6, and (5) vitamin B12 supplements. I bought each one of them in a separate bottle, and started taking in high, but medically safe dosages, which are still much higher then what a usual multivitamin pill would provide. As soon as I starter taking these supplements, the pain somewhat receded during the next cycle. Then it got much easier during the second cycle. Then it disappeared during the third cycle. I don't have this problem anymore. Sometimes, when I have some exhausting and stressful periods in my life (such as writing my MS thesis), the slight pain returns, but I just start taking these vitamins. I take the course of these vitamins and minerals twice a year. Throughout the rest of the year, I just take the usual multivitamin, which contains these vitamins in much smaller amounts. And I try to have a healthy diet and good workouts, as much as I can. I hope that helps.
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I am so glad I saw this! I wrote on here last week about painful breasts but no one responded. I know I'm not pregnant but thought I was too young for menopause. I'm going to try those vitamin supplements, snow_sparks. Thanks for sharing!
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