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question abot diet pills..

hi everyone:)  my question is about diet pills....does anyone know any over the counter pills that do work?  and that are safe for you?  i have heard that the fda doesn't approve all of them so i am kinda scared to take any but would like alittle help losing some extra pounds.  i am just affraid something bad will happen to my body.  because we are wanting another baby and i don't want to mess up my body and not be able to.  thanks for any advice..:)
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I took metabolift several years ago and I lost 35 pounds and kept it off.  I had my son in between that time but lost the weight without diet aids after he was born.  Be careful, though, they can speed your heart rate up.
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Personally, I would stay away from them.  Just b/c they are over the counter doesn't make them safe.  Not to mention, chances are pretty good that you will just gain the weight back once you stop taking them.  Maybe you could consider joining Weight Watchers.  That's a highly respected weight-loss program and you are better off spending your $$$ on that than on pills that may end up harming you.
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I'm a fan of fatburners, I've tried all sorts of them, but the one that I really do like is Hydroxycut. The thing about pills are, they ONLY work if you exersize. Even if it's only 15min of cardio, you still need to get your heartrate up and burn calories, and it's more effective that way.
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slimfast is pretty good and worked for me. they've come a long way. not a pill though. i dont really trust the diet pills but thats just me.
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I agree, avoid the pills, many are considered "herbal" and are not required to undergo evaluation by the FDA. Good old fashioned diet and exercise is the best and most effective way to lose weight.

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I agree that diet pills are not the best solution, however, they do help get those of us that aren't able on our own started in the weight loss process.  I too think Hydrocycut is good.  I will also add that I started Curves and did excellent there losing weight.  I do not know exactly how much weight you are looking to lose but, my mother has recently lost 40 pounds by taking Adipex.  This is typically a prescription but can be purchased online.  My email is ***@**** if you are interested.  I do not recommend this for just 10-15 pounds of weight loss nor do I recommend you stay on this for a long period of time.  As with any drug there are side effects with long-term use. She is 57 and has suffered no side effects whatsoever.  Of course every person is different.  Her doctor recomended it to her and then she found it online cheaper.  I hope this helps.
By the way--watch out for ephedrine it makes some people have serious problems in high doses.  It was illegal here for some time but is now back on the shelf.  It is good as a diet aid but, too much can make you feel BAD!
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