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trying to get pregnant

hello i am new to this site,

I am just so frustrated I am 25 years old. I have PCOS cant stop gaining weight and my specialist told me I have a blocked tube (right). My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a year now, my doctor wants me to do a lap surgery, I dont know if that will help because I only get a about 2 or 3 periods a year. I am considering IVF.

In need of advice desperately.
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thanks for the reply,

I am seeing a fertility specialist and he wants to do a laproscopy/hysterscopy. I dont know if this will be of any help to me or I should just go for ivf. I am living in NY. I do not want to waste my time with a un necessary surgery.
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Wow you have the exact same problem that I had a year ago. I been trying to have another child since my 1st was 4years old he is now 16 and finally now for a year I have regular menstrals. I had the lap band surgery a year ago and it totally helped by losing the weight,but I also had two other procedures done. 1st one was a like a DNC and the other was a removal of like a plug that was blocking my menstrual I had those two done 3 weeks before my lap band surgery and Like I said I have my menstruals now. I still am not pregnant just been seeing a infertility Dr. for two weeks now and he has me testing and keeping an I eye on my days I Ovulate. Hoping that I get pregnant this month!
So I would suggest you look for a Specialist and have them give you a vaginal ultrasound and get a laproscopy done to rule out the cyst ( which I had done as well that I forgot to mention)
Also the weight has a lot to do with the irregularity. Try to diet to lose weight or seriously look in to the lapband surgery. It works so well and your in and out in one day. Of cousre you have to go through alot of testing and classes which take about six months. But if not just diet drop some weight and I guarantee that your menstruals will start coming on a regular basis. I have mine every month now for a year since all that I have had done.
Not to mention that it is really not healthy to not have a menstral.
Again look for a dr. that specializes in this not a regular gynocolgist because they just wated my time for years. I don't know where you live but the Dr. that I saw name is Dr. Dary Samini and he is located in Fountain Valley Ca. Give them a call maybe he can refer you to one of his colleges where ever you are living.
I wish you the best of luck and I hope that you will be blessed with a child:)
Takecare Hope I was some help for you
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