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What are you going to do for Thanksgiving?

Hi, are you going to host a family Thanksgiving dinner or be the guest. What special dish will you be making or taking? How about special decoration, china, etc....Judy
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we're either going to my moms or heading out to pottstown to visit gregs other grandma (the mean one who doesn't like us....blah).

if we go to my moms i'm making pumpkin pie and green bean casserole. if we go to pottstown (since we'll be driving for 6 hours) we won't be taking anything b/c it'll go bad by then...
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Well I wasn't going to do anything but now we might be going over to my grandparents to eat and talk and stuff. Also we may be celebrating early because some relitives from another state are coming up here to visit, but nothing is set in stone yet.

Honestly I don't want this to sound mean or anything but I'm not sure if I really want to go because of family issues but my Mom really wants to go so I told her I would. I just hope if we do go we can work out our diffrences.
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I am a new member to this (7/2/10) so bear with me if this is a silly question.  Seeing as this is a both universal (to the U.S.) and perennial event, I was wondering:  I have written (what I think is) a pretty cool fiction short story about Thanksgiving.  It's about 3000 words, so i guess I'd have to post it in sections.  Would this be a place to put it and have it read hoping for comments/critique?  If not, please know that I understand completely and won't bore the group with it.
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Go for it!  

It's the creativity and beyond... so it certainly fits.

Don't be afraid. Share and hopefully it'll encourage others to share what ever they have.

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I am going to cook a 33 lb turkey, stuffing, and french dinner rolls.
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