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Paranormal Investigator here~any questions?

My husband and I have been doing paranormal investigating for over 8 years. We have experienced all kinds of strange things. We have been on radio and national TV with our experiences. I would be glad to answer any questions, if I am able to. I don't have all the answers, but I may be able to help.
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I don't have any questions, but I'd like to share an experience with you.  

Recently, my dad's widow dropped off some items that were my grandmothers.  She wanted me to have them (some 17 years after my dad dying).  We had a discussion about the items which included 2 hand knitted afghan's, a coach foot warmer.  

Anyhow, I gladly accepted the items, put them in my car and walked back into my office after I bid my step mother good bye.  The way my office is set up, I have a tv to my right, then my computer monitor and then a camera monitor, and just past that is a stack of news papers.  So, I'm sitting at my computer working on something and out of no where, the top news paper picked itself up and turned itself over onto a pile of paperwork.

I looked at the situation and tried to de-bunk what I actually witnessed.  No widows were open, there was not a breeze from the computer fan and it would have taken a specific move to pick the paper up, then turn it over.   Something else, clearly a sign happened that day and I can't remember what it was, but I told my wife about it.

Ever since that day, there have been weird things happening.  Nothing evil or diabolical, just small things.  I've had my electric tooth brush turn itself on.  We had an incredible downpour of rain, and out on the walk to the front door were 2 obvious foot prints... they were dry footprints, like someone had been standing there through the entire rainstorm.  

I've got a feeling that it is my grandmother reaching out, or perhaps my dad.

Any comments or insight is welcome.
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