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Low vitamin D - not feeling any better

After 6 years of being plain old exhausted all day long, my new doctor tested my vitamin D and it came back at 27ng (30-100) from Labcorp.  I have been taking 10,000iu for over 7 weeks now (with Magnesium and a great multi) and I feel no different.  My doctor just ran my labs again and I should know in a few days what my labs are, but I have to admit i'm starting to feel like this isn't the issue anymore.  

This all started 6 years ago.  I just started feeling tired, getting unfreshed sleep, couldn't put up as much weight as I could months prior.  I was running, lifting, eating healthy... just didn't feel rested after sleep.  I went on a vacation and got a great deal of sun and after 8 days (with a nice tan) I started feeling great again.  Upon return home, after just two weeks I started feeling tired again.  Been this way for 6 years, now.  I have been tested for every test under the  sun.  TSH is .90, T3 and T4 are dead in the middle (only my Reverse T3 is high), calcium was 9.3,  Saliva test showed cortisol in perfect range.  I've had sleep tests, 24 hour heart rate monitors, lung tests, alergy testing, celiacs, gluten free diet (for 4 months which SUCKED!) but I did it.  I've had my house tested for mold and C02, Candida and parasite cleansing (diets/supplements)

I really thought it was something so simple, as this one little pill.  I guess I won't know until I get my labs back, but I'm not sure what to do at this point and I'm ready to give up.  I'm 29 years old, and I feel like there has to be more to this, then just wanting to sleep all day.  I have a great doctor that is willing to try new things, but is expensive and I can't afford to keep going to her forever.  I'm on a great multi, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Omega 3's, B-150 complex, and vitamin C.  I drink plenty of water, get 9 hours of sleep a night... I dunno what else to do.  

I'm at the end of my rope.  I should also add I've tried 5 different types of anti depressants.  I was on 3 different kinds for over 6 months, never felt any different.  

Any ideas?  

Thank you for reading, so it's long
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Hi there! I sympathize, I really do. Bad news is 7 weeks is just the beginning. It took me 9 months of 10k/day to start feeling better more often than feeling bad. A further 3 months at 5k/day and I have many more good days and only mild symptoms. Not completely normal but sooooo much better! It takes a full year to get here tho... If your deficiency was pronounced.
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Thank you so much for your reply and comments :)

Wow... 9 months?  Did you do labs every 2-3 months in between there?  What was your starting level and your levels as months went on?  I'm curious!  I know everyone is different.  I'm still waiting on a phone call from my doctor on what my levels are (blood work a week ago).  I should know more after that, I hope!  

Well.... if it does take that long, I'm def willing to wait.  Just want to make sure I'm on the right path and not focusing on something that has nothing to do with how I feel.  

I'm also curious... did you get to a good optimal level (50-80) and hold that for months before feeling better? or did it just take that long to get to that level before you noticed a difference?

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My starting level was 9. I had one retest at 3 months... It was at 38. I don't have insurance and I don't have the $$ to get it checked again. I dropped my dose at that point to 5k, but felt so bad I raised it again for another 6 months.  The healing time is just really looong! Hang in there!:)
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I forgot to ask you, what are you symptoms??
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Well, got my Vitamin D up to 68.5, now (30-100)  Guess I'll just hold here and see what happens
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Read a study (probably a year or so ago) that said it can take up to a year of having optimum D levels (50-100) for patients to have complete relief of their symptoms.  You have only been taking supplements for 7 weeks and who know when you actually got above 50.  I would hope in the next month or so (As long as you can keep that level up) you would start to see/feel some type of improvement. Hang in there!
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Thanks Gagets!

    Did it take a while for you to see the symptoms reduced?   I feel like I need to keep searching for some other reason as to why I feel so tired all the time.  I'm still taking 6,000iu a day, and every 5 days I'm taking 10,000iu.  We're going to retest in 6 months to see if I'm still good and go from there.  
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It took me forever just to get above 30.  My starting value was around 11.  I started having some improvement in fatigue by the time I made it to 40.  Did one time reach 58, but doctor had to discontinue the D due to some kidney issues, so I relapsed when my levels dropped. (They had me taking 50,000iu D for over a year trying to get my numbers up.  That was just too hard on my body)  So far I have been able to keep my numbers in the 40-50 range for 6 months.  Fatigue is a lot better, but I do have good and bad days.  

I would keep researching, but I would also keep with the D. (It definetely can't hurt at the amounts you are taking.)
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Wow!! This is my story exactly!! I am new to the forum but if you can check out my profile I have a post with all of my symptoms that are exactly like yours! I'm 27 yrs old and I just finally started taking my supplements after feeling this way for about 7 months.  I was finally led to the right doctor (internal med specialist) that did some extensive lab work and found my vitiman d level to be an 8!!! I'm taking 50,000 iu twice a week, plus calcium citrate 3 times a day, and 250 mg of magnesuim once a day.  I'm still having weird syptoms within by body from headaches, chest pain, neck pain, stomach pain, weight fluctuating (lost 15-20 pds), and the list goes on.  I get tired a lot and don't really feel like doing anything but I force myself because I have a husband and a 16 month old daughter that I want to enjoy LIFE with!! I'm glad I joined this forum, so that we can encourage each other.  If you have any feedback please share with me!! Thanks!!
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I responded to you on another link, I have read your symptoms and now know your vitamin D level. I also was prescribed the 50,000 IUs of D2 but after discussing it with members and doing my own research opted to go the D3 route, which has worked for me. Keep up with your supplimentation and eat a well balanced diet, it worked for me. I noticed that when I listened to my body, for example, when I felt the slightest fatigue, I rested, don't push it, don't think that pushing your body to the lmit is the best thing to do. You NEED rest while supplimenting. You will get your life back it just takes time. I promise, I NEVER thought I would be the one giving encouragement, a month and a half ago I thought I would be suffering for the rest of my life!      
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Thanks Jcee!! Just reading this post, don't know how I missed it.  It feels good to get some encouragement.  Some of my symptoms have subsided however I am still having some chest pains, lower back pain, and tingling and head pressure that keeps me wondering is there something else.  My doc actually increased my vitamin d dosage to 3 times a week.  I am also taking calcium 4 times a day and magnesium once a day per doc's request.  I just really hope I feel better soon and be able to give encouragement to others like you are!! Thanks again!
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Just thought I would write back so that others who are interested and future readers can see how I've done.

I has been 2 months since I've posted.  I wanted to wait and see if anything has changed.  I continue taking 5,000iu daily, and 10,000iu every 4 days.  My doctor re-ran my vitamin D levels and it was at 74.  I'm holding nicely.  Been taking Vitamin D3 supplements now since Oct 25th, of 2011

That said, I feel no better.  No improvement in symptoms.  I'm going to continue to take the cheap and easy supplement, but I cannot say that it has helped my issue in any way.  If anything does happen in the future I will write back, however I'm trying some different things now and I will be unsure as to if any improvements will be from vit D, or new course of action.  

Just because this didn't work for me, does not mean it will not work for you or that keep my vit D levels at this range won't prevent me from having future issues.  It simply didn't fix my exhaustion.  
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Have your all of your hormone levels checked (testosterone, free test, estradiol (estrogen), Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3, TSH.  Low levels in your hormones can definitely cause exhaustion, mental fatigue and so many other symtpoms.
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Sorry, just read your orgimal post regaridng the thyroid test.  Did you have the free t3 and free t4 done.  A high reverse t3 (I have same thing) indicates that your body is not efficiently transferring T4 to T3.  Im aiming to have my T3 (which is the most active out of the 2) in the upper 1/3 of the range.  Just started taking small amount of time released t3.  Have your other hormones checked.
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I also found out I was deficient in Vitamin D. Some of the symptoms were chest pain/tightness (felt like i was having a heart attack), difficulty breathing correctly, headaches, dizziness, muscular and bone pains throughout. I was tested with a level of 14. After taking 10,000 iu per day for 6 weeks some of the pains have gone away. I was retested last week and my levels are at 80 which is considered optimal. Now I am worrying that I may have something else bothering me since I am not 100% yet. Ive seen so many specialists and I am at my wits end with this. Nuerologist next week for headaches/dizziness and Gastro to see if my pains are related to that. I am currently reducing my intake to 5,000iu as my doctor said that the headaches and diziness may be attributed to taking so much vitamin D. Still working on figuring out why I am still getting chest pains but I am thankful it is not as bad as it used to be.
Hi gferg01! Now that some time has passed how are you feeling! I was/still kinda am in the same boat, I'm 3 months into treatment.
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to all of you guys, if you are not seeing progress after a week, you might need to supplement with calcium as well, you can do a low dose (200-300 mg) as a start for calcium and see how things are going.
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