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sub mantainence

On sub 4 about 3mths. Dr. says I can be on 4ever if I choose. Wondering who out there uses as main & how its going?
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I have been on it for 62 days, and i think i am gonna ask to start to taper down. My doctor says that everyones case is diffrent so thats why some people are on it longer, but why would u wanna be on it for the rest of your life, dont u wanna stop?
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are you guys taking for pain management or addiction? Im starting it for pain- So im facing  taking it long term as well? Is sub different that you dont have to keep increasing the dose once you find what stops the pain?
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I am seeking help for addiction and also for chronic pain. I just read something this morning and it says if you are not in moderate with draw that first dose can put you into withdraws. I am also sure if you had tried to go cold turkey of the percs that you would probably had withdraw. These pills are nothing to mess with either. You don't mean to get addicted but you do. I am an addict and I am not afraid to admit it.
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