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by bajramsha, Jul 08, 2014 - 2 Comments
Every month I come on my period one month I skip n then I came on July but June I dident ...
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Irregular Menstrual Periods. Most women of child bearing age have between 10 and 12 mens...
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Missed my first period on this date.
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I am 2 wks late for my period. For the pas 4 wks my breast have been really sore, the other...
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by Becca323, Oct 24, 2011
I was going to give Lutera one more month and if it gave me any problems, then I would stop...
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by MANzFETAUi, Oct 14, 2011
Day 04 of missed period. Period started Sept. 10, 2011 and still not received.
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my period is 8 days late, i have never been this late before. my nipples have been sore fo...
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by angee089, Jul 24, 2010
Today would be the 3rd day of my missed period. I should have started it on the 21st accord...
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Day of missed period
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by BabyAngel1014, Oct 13, 2009
So i know some people dont want to hear about my period problems lol but i find this is the...