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Journals about weather

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by ellietay11, Mar 07, 2014 - 1 Comment
today i was feeling really happy, it was so sunny and now i feel like utter ****. i kept l...
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by heather_67, Feb 28, 2014
went to a funeral in the morning, then sat in hospital with my partner for a few hours, the...
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The peak of flu season is behind us, but you may still be feeling its effects. In between y...
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This is a small thing, but one very useful tool I have found for staying in shape is the We...
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by ccunningham, Jan 11, 2013
@7am, Temp 39, Humidity 100% (foggy), Barometric 29.56 feeling good.
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I always have to stop and think before I go running in the cooler weather. This Autumn morn...
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by Kichda, May 10, 2012
cooler this morning, though feeling the increase.
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by Jking0302, Feb 23, 2012
I am researching the local weather and seeing how things compare to when I got my migraines...
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I always sleep incredibly well after a show. I wanted to do some yoga or light stretches wh...
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by ginjninj, Jan 05, 2012
Last night was soooo noisy I couldn't get to sleep for a while. Then when I did it wasn...