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by jessilb, Apr 01, 2013
Woke up at 4am and could not get back to sleep for an hour, don't know why. Then my so...
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by Hoopchick86, Jan 07, 2013
Woke up, heart pounding and nausea. Took Klonopin. Finger numbness. Attempted to clean dish...
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by moviegal7, Apr 04, 2012
Hard waking up. Up late studying. Fell asleep on couch and woke up at 3. went to bed.
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by ginjninj, Dec 12, 2011
I'm starting to feel the way I used to when waking up. Feel like sleep is the better op...
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by ginjninj, Aug 21, 2011
Waking up failed massively, so I'll wait until an earlier bedtime falls naturally. shou...
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by ginjninj, Aug 11, 2011
I'm finding it very hard to force myself out of bed when the alarm goes off. I would mu...
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2-3 DPO (overnight)- headache 3 DPO- nosebleed after waking up 7 DPO- headache; nausea in...
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If you want to call it that. No, but seriously I'm well. I am holding on. I'm holdi...
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I can trace everything back to me. I'm destructive. But I'm too tired to take off r...
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Much better than yesterday. Well it's the end of the night and I feel much better. Last...