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Journals about injections

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Children and parents, and everyone in the world, dread shots. We have all held our little o...
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by BPil, Mar 08, 2010
Went to FS and did an U/s - 2 +- 16 mm follies detected and FS prescribed Ovidrel 250mg and...
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by b125, Jun 27, 2009
The first injection bruised.... it's still bruised. The one tonight did not. Odd, but ...
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by amberryan, May 07, 2009 - 1 Comment
HCV subtype 1b HCV RNA 1,630,000 12/18/08 HCV RNA 1,977,88...
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by wheremystrengthis, Mar 03, 2009
After this injection, I hove only 2 more! I am really looking forward to getting back to no...
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I had trigger point injections today. I asked for them just around my scapula today... not ...
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Hello has anyone had injections for carpal tunnel both hands?Did they help and if so did yo...
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Findlay ohio..419423-6879
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I was supposed to have my 3rd set of injections today but the doctors office called me and ...
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by Barbarella66, Sep 24, 2008
This set of injections went totally different. It was more painful than the last and the Do...