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Posts on planks

Good day guys! I would like to ask if I can do planks that will develop my abs/core while h...
Anyone know of any good exercises to do for big tummy, bum and thighs? Thanks
What would be your recommended house routine to tone muscles?
What are some good ab moves to flatten lower belly fat?
Hi guys I'm 17 and I wanted to know if anyone knows any abs workouts for guys?
how can i get a flat stomach in a short period of time??
So im starting the gym back up I want to know of any moms know if its ok to do the stair ma...
is it better to do sit ups etc every day or every other day? in terms of toning your abs
I am 7w2d in. I am wondering if it is ok to do exercise during this trimester. I am doing s...
what type of exercise is good for loose ur middle section that don't hurt my back and nec...