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by Vantom, May 29, 2012
Im 7dpo today and ive been feeling weird these last few days.. I felt nausouse (saturday af...
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by Kichda, May 09, 2012
One zanaflex last night before bed. Muscles were really loose through part of the night (5 ...
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Michael Gonzalez-Wallace author of SUPER BODY, SUPER BRAIN and MEDHELP Medical expert sho...
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Michael Gonzalez-Wallace shows the importance of strengthening the Hamstrings http://sup...
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by TLCrazyGirl, Feb 08, 2012
severe pain just everywhere! I awoke yesterday to have my arm muscles just aching, I awake ...
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by scpayyy, Feb 03, 2012
Pulled a muscle in my back yesterday lifting a tv. Had coffee before I took pressure
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by Girl_From_NE, Dec 17, 2011
Went to ER at about 2 a.m. with unrelenting back pain and spasms. Was given morphine, musc...
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Knee injuries represent one of the most feared injuries especially if you are over 40 o...
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by starshine1ca, Oct 18, 2011
All in all, it had been a great week...I got alot accomplished considering and my energy le...
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by Jilyin, Oct 16, 2011
Going home from NY after wedding. Been in the car for about 6 hours now. Pain is very inten...