Brain Sag T2 #18
Brain Sag T2 #18
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jensequitur, Aug 16, 2010
(Brain) Findings:  There are no previous studies available for comparison.  There are a few scattered punctate areas of signal abnormality within the supratentorial white matter, located in a classic distribution for demyelinating disease.  The single most conspicuous focus is in the right frontal lobe in a classic periventricular distribution.  There is also some minor involvement of the corpus callosum.  The overall degree of plaque burden is quite mild.  There is however an area of demyelination within the ventral aspect of the pons to the right of midline, and also a subtle lesion within the left side of the medulla.  There is also a minor demyelination within the right inferior portion of the middle cerebellar peduncle.  There is no pathological enhancement to indicate active demylination.
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LisaJF, Aug 08, 2011
Jensequitur, you're brain is lovely too.  What a bunch of nice looking brain people we are!

I see those lesions! Wow!