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Hey , Just wanted to see how you are doing . . .  I have been trying to read the Journal Entries but for some reason it won't let me . . .

I just started my second month with the OPK's . . . I only had one day of positives unlike last month with two or three day's of them . . . My temp is still pretty low so it is a worry to me that my egg won't survive , that is what i read . . .

Also me and DP started Fertility Aides this month . . . Just got them online, he got the men's and me the women's as well some pre-seed because I noticed I don't get much EWCM which can be another problem too . . .

Hope you are well . . .
1403042 tn?1324395089
Hey, Just want to say Hi, and hope you are all well... SO has AF started yet? I see you never put nothing in for yesterday... Take care and Take it easy...
1403042 tn?1324395089
Hey there...

How are you? Have you figured out if you have O'd yet ?

I posted my picks on Two Week Wait boards with my OPK's today and was told they are positive... So that puts me at cycle day 18... Now I am wondering how long my cycle will be... Either I will be 34 day cycle with a 16 day LP, or a 32 day cycle with a 14 day LP... Hopefully either one, no tricks this month lol...

Well I am hoping you are well and loads and loads of baby dust.
1403042 tn?1324395089
How have you been? Have not seen you on or heard from you in the past few day's? Have you O'd yet?

I have not O'd yet and I am starting to go freaking crazy lol... I don't think I will get a positive OPK for another two or three day's if I do O....
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Oct 06, 2011
I gave birth to my son today!! a healthy baby boy. My water never broke. He was born with the fully intact sac. when we pulled off the membranes his cord was wrapped aroun...

Feb 02, 2011
Now my due date is at sept. 23rd. go figure. I'm not as far along as I thought I was. and I'm bummed about this... like seriously. :( so bummed. I really wonder i...

Jan 20, 2011
Yep. Yet another test came up positive!!!! .........WOW!
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