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My 22-month-old son chipped the two upper teeth that are the next teeth after the two front teeth. I went to the dentist with him and he thinks it could be amelogenesis imperfecta. The teeth both had a pitted, discolored part six month a...
Katonahlady | Last answer
Although I am asking for advice, my story may help answer others questions with similar experiences. This is a complicated situation, unfortunately. I have done lots of research on the internet, and read lots of advice & other sto...
J717 | Last answer
Hello. I was finally diagnosed with dysautonomia after having rapid heartbeat, insomnia, panick attacks and head and chest pressure for 8 months. The doctor did not specify which type of dysautonomia it is but I thinks it is POTS. The sy...
bunnyblair | Posted
I had a root canal over 6 months ago and still have pain off & on. A month after the root canal I went went back to the endodontist and he said the pain I have may be that I have 3 canals fused together and if it keeps hurting then I sh...
Stolot | Last answer
Hello I was hoping some one could help me I think I know all the parts to a dental syringe but what is the part that goes over the syringe its self its metal with a curved needle its been on my mind for some time and how is it cleaned.? ...
Sco7744 | Last comment
2 years ago I broke a deep filling on upper right molar (#2) and was referred for root canal due to deep cavity. As a result of specialist made RCT I got: root perforation, vertical fracture and sinus nerve damage. Now I have to live wit...
898_1 | Last answer
Hi everyone! I'm having issues, I needed four implants and have spent lots of money. The one that I really need done is now giving me issues. I'm going to try to make this short. I was seeing a specialist who does implant surgery. I...
LightInMe | Last answer
I had an old filling that the tooth brook wednesday. No pain. so friday went to dentist. He said it hadn't reached the nerve so he could build it up and put a crown on it. Went yesterday to have the build up work and the temporary crown....
shasta737 | Last answer
Hello I am really searching for some help to control my symptoms and any input from anyone would be greatly appreciated. I have had four dental implants over a period of four years (one lower, three upper) and had no problems with an...
dierdre447 | Last answer
Hi have very bad dental with most all of my teeth now gone and infection in mouth. Primary care has me on antibiotics but need have pull rest and deal with the infection but have no dental ins plus have low platelets that have frightened...
Dragonslayer6868 | Posted
I am going to the dentist with my sister. I am considering having all teeth removed at once. Followed by immediate dentures. Do they normally do them all at once followed temp dentures? Is it better to get all teeth done then let gum...
SweetJulie | Posted
I've had my braces off for over a year now and I have a habit of wearing my retainer too much. I'm only supposed to wear it at night now but I tend to brush my teeth and night brush my retainer pop it in and watch a few episodes of greys...
lakindanyale | Last answer
I had a small crack in a molar that was more of an annoyance than painful. The dentist said the tooth looked fine on the x-ray and all it needed was a crown. Easy peasy he said. So, they did their thing and put a temporary crown on. I...
sillypepper | Last answer
is it normal to see boold after a week of getting my tooth pulled
cat1234567 | Last answer
For about 2 years now, I have noticed that after a glass of wine I experience a sharp pain around my jaw. I've had this sensation before whenever I eat a citris or sour fruit, however, lately after consuming any alcohol such as beer, win...
MCurley | Last answer
Has anyone ever experienced a systemic allergy to composite fillings? Since I had all my mercury fillings removed (by a qualified specialist) and only when I started refilling the teeth with composite resins did I begin to experience it...
heavencanwait | Last comment
For the last 6 months I've had these white patches that are raised and painful. They started out as white lines. Then the lines started to become raised. Then they turned into oblong bumps and are white, hard and painful. I went to the d...
dixiedoodle123 | Last answer
Hello all. 32 y/o female here. Trying to figure out if my extraction site is healing properly. I tend to be a hypochondriac so I'm constantly thinking something is wrong. On January 27th (6 days ago) I had my upper molar (#14) extracted....
dopkeg | Last answer
On Oct.26, (7 days ago) I had teeth 32 and 31 extracted. (Bottom right, wisdom and 2nd molar). Personally, I think she was really rough, because while they both had holes in them, they were not lose by any means, nor infected. I had t...
FallenAnjel | Last answer
I had my wisdom teeth taken out on January 27th. Now its February 3 and its been a week since my extraction. I went to the dentist and they use the syringe in my mouth to get rid of the food in my mouth. Later I checked my mouth and I ca...
Essie_5 | Posted
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