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A community of people with Type 1 or Juvenile Diabetes to guide and support your health journey. Ask a question, join a conversation, share experiences.

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amit101kumarless than a minute
By Alyssa_pryor
My usually happy and healthy 11 year old daughter the past 2 weeks has been very sick. It started out like the stomac...
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By amygonzalez77
My dose for lantus is 22 but what if while my mom was injecting me she accidentally forgot 4 units off
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By athenamariapengg
Hi I'm 12 with type 1 and I have been fighting off a cold for a while I do have antibiotics which are helping but my ...
Avatar n tn
By Shysienna
Hello! I was wondering if anyone can help me with this question because Google isn't helping. I'm 19. I have diabetes...
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By lonngislander
Hi everybody, I'm 18 and a college student and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes this past Saturday. I was wondering...
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By Ky_diabeticStrong
I have been type 1 diabetic since I was 4, I'm 19 now, and it hasn't been easy. I was wondering if anyone else with t...
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By sd_siddiqui
My hba1c was 7.6 and I managed to drop it to 6.9. I am diabetic for past 4 years . Can I get pregnant in this situati...
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bsteven91Aug 13
diurnalJul 04, 2012
haj0209Mar 06, 2012
By pancho03 Blank
I started taking Lyrica due to nueropathy pain in my arms that made it difficult to sleep. Since I have started Lyric...
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MikeyTerryOct 19, 2015
Super_sally888BlankSep 14, 2015
brice1967Sep 14, 2015
parsons22Sep 12, 2015
By Rolotootsie Blank
Hi, My daughter was just diagnosed with Type 1 a couple of weeks ago, and in in that honeymoon phase where her pan...
Avatar n tn
By A_Alexandra
Is it widely the norm to have a healthy pregnancy/healthy baby if you have had type 1 diabetes since childhood? What...
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By MeganButtjer
I went to my family doctor yesterday. I told her I wanted to start getting my health in order to get pregnant in a ye...
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Patty3180Aug 02
ZoelulaMay 25, 2009
roadrunner100May 11, 2009
JDRF-Team-LRSAug 28, 2005
JDRF-Team-ggAug 28, 2005
By gcool Blank
My height is 5,6" and I had been maintaining my weight between 55 kg, to 59 kg for the last 10 years. Its looks to me...
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By Anjaneyajk
I'm 55 years old and my blood sugar level is 208mg/dl and my right eye is not visible from 3 days... Can you please s...
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By queen_kay83479
Is there anybody that can give me any advice on how to keep my blood sugar down I am a T1 diabetic I been diagnosed a...
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By timetravelingdwarf
I was just wondering if any of you guys have ever been a camper or a camp Counselor at a camp for diabetics? I was a ...
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RyanT1023Jul 20
JuanadyJul 12
LienkiJun 25
ckauf11Jun 19
By LiamStenson
So I'm a 20 year old college student in Philadelphia. I've been drinking for about 4 years now, mainly beer. I have t...
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By MH Community Mgr
As a member of our diabetes community, you have valuable insights to offer about the topics that matter to you most. ...
18805833 tn?1468224331
bhojuJul 14
By bhoju
My baby is hyperisulinism with hypoglocima. He is now 17 month only. sometimes his gulcose level goes to 25 mg/dl. H...
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By lilimae3
Hey guys I'm 17 and have now had diabetes for 10 years. More recently I've had a bad case of diabetes burnout where i...
1353681 tn?1387087333
By calmshell
My sister is type 1, has had it since she was 10 (she is 28 now). She has recently broken out in hives that come and ...
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