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Those who have pain and have to live with it daily. No matter what reason you are on methadone for your welcome here. A place where others can talk and feel they are not alone.

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Hey has anyone heard of Krotam????
coalson_aj | Last answer
Counting on 73 days off of Methadone...Sorry I had to post before 75 days I just could not wait. It is kind of unreal it seemed so hard 73 days ago to get to this place. And by no means has it been a easy trip but I'm happy to be here. I...
ladyrhea4 | Last answer
Has everyone here on methadone had a test for hep c? I found out that I had it after being on methadone for 15 yrs. and no other drugs. I am starting the inteferon tx soon and would like to find someone on MMT that has been thru the tx f...
truredhead | Last answer
is anyone here anymore???????????????
lostsoul30 | Last answer
i started seeing a pd about 5 years ago for knee and back problems he gave me methadone,now i get 480 10mg pills every moth and run out 20 days into the percription,im taking an insane amount,and i find myself going to his office earlier...
aldurkin | Posted
Dear members, Please forgive me if I've posted in the wrong area. I wanted to say hello and find out some more about the possibility of reducing my methadone dosages. I currently take 15 milligrams of methadone in a syrup form daily, ...
leonieone | Posted
ive been on methadone for 4 years which 2 of them i was on 140 mg well in july i started weening off 10mg a weekfor 7 weeks straight let me tell you the things that happened to me i was having severe i mean ambulance severe panic attack ...
crazyornotidk | Last answer
Hi, I have been on MD for about 2 years. I got on it after a vicodin addiction lasting 6 years. I started taking it after a "friend" suggested I could use it to get off of vicodin. Well, I have gotten off the vic's but now I have a much ...
indymommy | Last answer
I started methadone treatment when I became pregnant (not planned) and still had a 3 to 5 percocet addiction daily. Although Im completely thankful that there are such programs to help us in need Im at the point where I cant take it any...
sadson | Last answer
Hello all. I am tapering from methadone and preparing my self for withdrawals. Im on 6 mg, and tommorrow is my day to drop to 5mg after 2 weeks on 6mg. But my question is that I have no insurance, and no doctor, havent been to one in oh....
jewlz2626 | Last answer
I am currently on 80mg of methadone and although it was the smartest decision I could make at the time and I believe whole heartly that it has saved my life I am now at the stage in my recovery where I am ready to become totally free fro...
coalson_aj | Posted
is there any one person on this site that can tell a positive story of hope courage and wisdom that stemmed from the methadone treatment center. if you had to do over, would you have still chose the clinic? are you clean now? if so how...
dyne57 | Last answer
My house got robed last night and all my things and my methadone got stolen i dont know what to do i called the police i noticed like 10 min before the clinic closed and i called and they said my counselor was not there and to come in ...
eckerkhoff04 | Posted
Hi My fiance is on methadone and now trying to reduce as we found it to be the reason that he has no sex drive. I have been looking up the other side effects, such as becoming anti social and having no energy to perform daily tasks. ...
concerned4fiance | Posted
In my quest to find as much information on methadone withdrawal, how to much to decrease etc, I found this forum. Ironic in the fact that I have been on methadone for nearly 2 years. My dose is at 130 and seeking to be free of the methad...
canseethruu | Posted
I am wondering what is the best way to once and for all get off of methadone maintainance. I have been on it this time for exactly one year july 17th. I am down to 51 mgs as of last friday. I was only up to 70 this time. I was slowly tap...
Ready4theStorm | Last answer
I have been going to substance abuse forum since Jan. Lately have wanted to speak to methadone issues mostly.Just found this place,somehow,and this is good. Have been off M/done for only about 24 days,jumped at 2mg.Only took 30 mg. a d...
kc156 | Posted
Hey my clinic is all inclusive rate of 100.00 a week. My insurance doesn't cover MMT and I can't afford 100.00 a week. Our income is too much for us to qualify for medicaid. Does anyone know where i can find grants or state funding or...
christineSST | Posted
anyone here from the seattle area? i have been tapering off methadone for the last six months and am down to 13 mg. a day and due to circumstances can no longer keep going to clinic every day. I need to travel for personal reasons. I ...
riverlethe | Last answer
yes alot of people dont understand methadone clinics or use and if they would really take the time and open there mind to see what my life was like before the clinic ad now after oh i think alot of them would def. change their minds i me...
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