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Has anyone ever been told they could be stuck in a migraine predome? If so, what did they do for it. I have an MRI in a few days, then I go back in couple weeks for a VEMP and VNG tests and discuss the results from those and the MRI wi...
NeuroGrandma | Last answer
I have been getting chronic cluster headaches for 8 years now. It seems now that this has been also working on nerve endings or something to that effect. My reflexes are super sensitive as well as some parts of my body I feel I am losing...
jdeitz66 | Last answer
Greetings from Kent, UK I wonder if you can tell me if you are aware of any link between changes in migraine symptoms and cervical spondylosis? I have had migraines for 30 years+ characherized by left sided headache, nausea, 'cryin...
Bumblestraw | Last answer
Hi, I have constant head pressure and chest tightness 24/7/365 atleast for the last 15 years. I went to Cardiologist, and Gastroenterologist but they were clueless. They conducted tests like 24 hr Holter Monitor test, Upper Endoscop...
pelonis | Last answer
I'm 16 years old and a had weird rash develop so I was prescribed some antibiotics that I've had before when I had an mrsa infection on my arm and went to hospital 3 years ago, and about 72 hours into taking antibiotics I've felt really ...
jaydavis16 | Last answer
I am currently 9 and 1/2 weeks pregnant and I take Topamax for my migraines. I have a doctor appointment with my gyno for the baby coming up. I have been doing some research on the Topamax to walk into the office with knowledge on the me...
MommyBullock | Last answer
I've been dealing with some anxiety problems ever since September, last year, and I've been having anxiety attacks, and i eventually started learning ways that kept me calm, and then i started getting other symptoms along with the panic ...
Hurrix | Last answer
Hi am 25 of age, early last year I started having a problem every time before I fart my stomach pains a lot and I always have a headache before moving my bowel and just second after the headache goes away, please help what coul...
Funu | Last answer
Hi, So luckily, I've never been that much of a headache sufferer. I'm 17 and I've had only 2 migraines and don't get often headaches. That all changed about a week and a half ago, though. I started getting headaches multiple times a day...
pohara8 | Last answer
I am so sorry but this is likely to be a long post - I am absolutely desperate for some advice. About 8 weeks ago I was at work (at my PC) when all of a sudden I lost my vision (very blurry) for about a minute and felt dizzy.. it was al...
Mangini1 | Last answer
for several years now I have experianced a visual disturbance that starts out as a small blury spot and radiates outward till it is gone. It resembles a prism and as it moves outward in a ring shape. I experiance no pain or other symp...
michellem2569 | Last answer
Our offices are being gutted and rebuilt. Currently I have a private office where daily I turn out the flourescent lighting and use lamp lighting. In the remodeling, there is discussion of eliminating all private offices for more open ...
LauraShiver | Last answer
Hello. About 2 years ago I noticed I had a pea sized lump in my left temple. I mentioned it to my GP but he told me it would probably go away. I've been getting headaches and blocked sinus/runny nose and a lot of painful pressure headach...
Sf1306 | Last answer
I have had a problem for some time now and am now very worried. Background: I have had this on and off for quite some time, over a year. I'm a 33 man and at the time it started I was 194 pounds and had cholesterol of 216. I admit ...
mt_100 | Last answer
i am 25 years old lady.am having headache in my back of the head in right side. i hav taken CT brain 6month back.its showing some calcific foci in high left tentorium,2mm size.am having pain in the right eye also that time. can you pleas...
kuttimalu | Last comment
Question, To the doctor... I have noticed one of the lesser known associations with migraines is that of becoming anxious, confused, and with dissociative symptoms such as derealization or depersonalization. And that these symptoms ...
Rob2008 | Last answer
For around three or four years now, I have been suffering from headaches some two hours or more after the consumption of any amount of alcohol - although typically as few as two drinks upwards of any kind of alcohol. The headaches co...
Mark46 | Last comment
Hello everyone, for nearly 5 months now I have been suffering from what I can best describe as a "cluster type headache". The pain rotates around my head but primarily stays on my top right side. The pain can be felt in either ear, behin...
Eddie711 | Last answer
I am 24 and have been having Migraines for 2 years now. It started with the worst migraine I have ever had, non stop vomiting and delirium followed by a trip to the ER with CAT scan, MRI of my brain, and blood tests. All came back normal...
kolet22 | Last answer
My Nero ordered a MRI and his nurse called me a day after the test came back and told me that he is referring me to a Endocrinologist but would not tell me anything else.. HELP why would he want to do this?
nopleazn | Last answer
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