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This patient support community is for discussions relating to pregnancy, childbirth and maternity for babies due or born in July 2010.

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By shenay_louise Blank
15 weeks 5 days and getting pains in my ribs and like kinda under my breasts just wondering if anyone else is having ...
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nunez831Jan 20, 2014
nunez831Jan 20, 2014
ccgrantJan 29, 2013
marie8736Jan 24, 2013
MsBossytha1Aug 01, 2012
By michelekrystin Blank
I found out Saturday I'm six weeks pregnant after having my tubes tied in 2009. I'm surprised but happy. I never th...
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By kaylaj1990 Blank
I'm 14 weeks pregnant and have expierenced heart palpiatations I have an extra heart beat. I never expierenced this w...
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KAnuCmEYJan 10, 2014
Kelz72312Dec 18, 2012
By crazy347 Blank
my baby is 8 months old in the womb and she was moving actively in womb till now and it had been two days she stop mo...
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By csdktk Blank
I got my tubs tied n may 07 I have never missed a period or Been late my cycle comes for 7days I'm 2weeks late is it ...
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By Jtvp21 Blank
If you Are pregnant and you didn't miss a period the month before you can still be pregnant
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By marie8736 Blank
Well i just had an interview today but i have a really great feeling that i will get hired. When should i tell them i...
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By Anniedollxoxo Blank
Ok so I'm 20 weeks this week and unless I'm SUPER stuffed full of food I have like no bump. I was 96lbs when I got pr...
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By chi2indy Blank
Hi Doc! I'm 33 weeks pregnant & have been suffering from terrible sciatica pain since I was 20 weeks. I have falle...
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Ginger077Mar 31, 2012
By foz1400 Blank
this is my babys face shot at 26 weeks but i can see a cleft lip? im worried what do u think???
448723 tn?1301458558
mz_sapphireMar 24, 2012
AtlantiseaFeb 19, 2010
singhshweta21Feb 18, 2010
AtlantiseaFeb 18, 2010
Sarsar133Feb 17, 2010
By Atlantisea Blank
Hi! I'm new here (due July 29th) and I thought it would be nice to compile a due dates list. Please say hi, and suppl...
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By BrinaBoo07 Blank
I have a son in im pregnant now. My question is can my strech marks from my first pregnacy go away even if its ben 2y...
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lovelo17Feb 01, 2012
Princessa745Jan 14, 2010
babiesRus2Jan 14, 2010
Princessa745Jan 14, 2010
Meadow841Jan 14, 2010
By babiesRus2 Blank
Bad news ladies, I had an ultrasound today finally, turns out the baby had died and stopped growing at 8 weeks. I'm 1...
554174 tn?1284034702
pammy6Aug 30, 2011
forestfairieMay 21, 2010
Melka76May 20, 2010
natalie910May 20, 2010
singhshweta21May 18, 2010
By singhshweta21 Blank
Hey there, Wishes to all. I was just wondering and thought it would be a good idea to get responses from all of us he...
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By nugget22 Blank
i just found out that i am pregnant. My concern is that i have been spotting for twelve days and i have had a big clu...
725941 tn?1297885809
Shem88Jul 07, 2011
forestfairieJan 09, 2010
blueyes34Jan 07, 2010
By blueyes34 Blank
As much as I love being pregnant, I'm not impressed with my new greasy hair! Even as soon as I shower, it looks as t...
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By gera072789 Blank
hi i have a question so i had my perios 2 weeks ago and lately i been feeling dizzy lightheaded and my breast are te...
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By jaslyriyaz Blank
i am 16 weeks pregnant can i know the attached pic is whether boy or girl ????
705807 tn?1300754846
By Meadow841 Blank
Hey girls, it has been so long since we all talked. I can't believe how fast time is going by. I wanted to know if yo...
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By MH Community Mgr Blank
Hi, We've recently opened two online "Playgroups" and a "New Parents" Community! Our Playgroups are Babies: 0-6 m...
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