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15 weeks 5 days and getting pains in my ribs and like kinda under my breasts just wondering if anyone else is having these???
shenay_louise | Posted
I found out Saturday I'm six weeks pregnant after having my tubes tied in 2009. I'm surprised but happy. I never thought I'd be pregnant again so my husband and I are surprised. Anyway anyone else get pregnant after tubes tied?
michelekrystin | Last answer
I'm 14 weeks pregnant and have expierenced heart palpiatations I have an extra heart beat. I never expierenced this with my first born. Was curious if any other ladies have had this problem while pregnant?
kaylaj1990 | Posted
my baby is 8 months old in the womb and she was moving actively in womb till now and it had been two days she stop moving, is this normal?
crazy347 | Last answer
I got my tubs tied n may 07 I have never missed a period or Been late my cycle comes for 7days I'm 2weeks late is it possible I'm pregnant I took a test yesterday but was negative could it b to soon to tell my boobies are very sore I pee...
csdktk | Posted
If you Are pregnant and you didn't miss a period the month before you can still be pregnant
Jtvp21 | Posted
Well i just had an interview today but i have a really great feeling that i will get hired. When should i tell them im expecting im 11weeks pregnant. And no one will tell im pregnant because i get to wear scrubs so i could hide it for a ...
marie8736 | Posted
Ok so I'm 20 weeks this week and unless I'm SUPER stuffed full of food I have like no bump. I was 96lbs when I got pregnant and 102 @ 9 weeks. I'll be getting weighed tomorrow at my appointment bit I'm wondering if anyone else is still s...
Anniedollxoxo | Posted
Hi Doc! I'm 33 weeks pregnant & have been suffering from terrible sciatica pain since I was 20 weeks. I have fallen several times an address this with my doctor she prescribed me a muscle relaxant & tylenol. Then 2 weeks ago I was at ...
chi2indy | Posted
this is my babys face shot at 26 weeks but i can see a cleft lip? im worried what do u think???
foz1400 | Last answer
Hi! I'm new here (due July 29th) and I thought it would be nice to compile a due dates list. Please say hi, and supply your name, your due date and what number child you are having. For instance, I am Amanda - due July 29th with ...
Atlantisea | Last answer
I have a son in im pregnant now. My question is can my strech marks from my first pregnacy go away even if its ben 2years
BrinaBoo07 | Posted
Bad news ladies, I had an ultrasound today finally, turns out the baby had died and stopped growing at 8 weeks. I'm 15 weeks now and I've been carrying this dead baby around for 7 weeks. I have to go in on friday for a D&C :{ I'm so sad ...
babiesRus2 | Last answer
Hey there, Wishes to all. I was just wondering and thought it would be a good idea to get responses from all of us here about the position their baibees are lying in so that it can be of some comforrt. I went in for my 30 week ultrasound...
singhshweta21 | Last answer
i just found out that i am pregnant. My concern is that i have been spotting for twelve days and i have had a big clump of runny blood come out of me. That was a few days before i found out that i am pregnant. i am currently on vacation,...
nugget22 | Posted
As much as I love being pregnant, I'm not impressed with my new greasy hair! Even as soon as I shower, it looks as though I haven't washed it in a week! I've tried not washing it for 3 days, switching shampoos, not putting conditioner ...
blueyes34 | Last answer
hi i have a question so i had my perios 2 weeks ago and lately i been feeling dizzy lightheaded and my breast are tender it cant be my period again i had it waht can it be
gera072789 | Posted
i am 16 weeks pregnant can i know the attached pic is whether boy or girl ????
jaslyriyaz | Posted
Hey girls, it has been so long since we all talked. I can't believe how fast time is going by. I wanted to know if you guys wanted to be friends on facebook? I feel like we were all so close during our pregnancies and I'd love to stay i...
Meadow841 | Posted
Hi, We've recently opened two online "Playgroups" and a "New Parents" Community! Our Playgroups are Babies: 0-6 mos and Babies: 6 mos - 1yr, while our New Parents Community is for parents of babies aged 0-6mos old. We encourage...
MH Community Mgr | Posted
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