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Hello has anyone found a genuine effective weight loss pill. I know exercise and decreased caloric intake is the best. Unfortunately , I have a bad back and knee problems.
Suceed2015 | Posted
Has anyone heard of or tried fit tea? It's a postnatal fat burner. I was wondering if its any good and if it works.
Airee23 | Last answer
I need to loss about 180 pounds, help I have bad knees
was wondering about latuda and if its for depression. also has anyone experienced weight gain
gaffarena | Posted
hi my weight is 89 kg and height is 5 inches. how can i reduce my weight. i am 27 years old married having one child who is 2 years old
hunny_honey | Last answer
Has anyone waist trained after baby & did it work ? I'm planning to waist train & excersie , I'm bad at eating healthy but I will also be eating healthy so all the extra baby weight is gone . But my main things is to train my waist wit...
Marieemichelle | Last answer
Has any ones obgyn agreed to perscribe them phentermine?
chunkersmommy | Posted
When I got pregnant I gained 30 lbs and I had my son almost a year ago I had lost it and then started working and within a year gained it all back I need nutrition advice on how to lose it I dont have time to get to the gym with working ...
mommy2seabass | Posted
I've been trying to lose weight for many years.... and always failed miserably. I don't know if it's because of a hidden health condition, a bad metabolism, etc... I just want to lose weight to look better (to finally stop the ridicule a...
Victoria3719 | Last answer
Can anyone help...i cycle 8 miles every second day...i eat fairly healthy...yet in 2 weeks i put 2kg on...i just cant seam to shift it
tmcgerty | Last answer
I have to lose 4kg it is not much i know but i have to do it wish me luck starting after one or two weeks :))
vili99 | Last answer
I'm a little top heavy I don't want to lose what I have at the bottom so what exercises should I do
KhailsWifey89 | Last answer
I have lost weight then I get off track and gain weight back. I have a hard time walking because both knees are bone on bone. I need a friend that will help me stay on track. My roommate does not help.
skip566External User | Posted
What is the best way to get rid of belly fat when you are in menopause
Slotbandit | Posted
This app says I need almost 3000 calories aday... I am Takeing shakes and vitamins and portions I run everyday and just started lifting wights again... What do you think I should do ?
Seairalove190 | Last answer
What is the point in losing weight in group? like they said in this website http://smashingtopten.com/top-10-healthy-ways-to-lose-weight-quickly/health/beauty . and what is your opinion in that?
RonnyBurgess | Posted
i am 20 yrs old and my weight is 50kg,but my face is like a child?how can i reduce it? how can i know, i has chubby cheeks?how can i reduce it?plz help me..........
Eshan95 | Posted
How to lose belly fat?
tyty082913 | Last answer
So I've lost 40 pounds in the last 6 months by eating healthy, exercising regularly, and watching portion size. But my cholesterol numbers haven't really gone done much at all. My "good cholesterol" is up a bit, but my triglycerides are...
jlr173rdny | Last answer
I am 55 years old and along with about 90% of the population am a yo yo dieter. I am also a trained complimentary therapist and after researching diet issues I am fairly convinced that being fat has got nothing to do with WHAT you eat b...
ambrettagold | Posted
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