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So most of you already know I am looking to lose weight. I was wondering if eating a can soup for lunch and dinner could help me in this ...
Good morning... How is everyone today? It's a cold start to my day, but the sun is shining, so hopefully, it's going to warm up nicely. ...
What do you all think of the protein drinks for weight loss? Think that can work to use for say breakfast, maybe lunch and then eat a no...
Good afternoon, Last year I set a goal to get to 140. I am currently 5'0 and weigh between 160-165 it fluctuates often. What brought ...
Good morning... How are things this morning? I believe we're headed for a very pleasant day - maybe a bit too warm for this time of year,...
Good afternoon... I've really gotten off schedule today and as you can see I'm hours late in posting. Everything is fine, so not to worr...
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