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i havent run in 3years. should i go run or wait for doctor to make sure its safe. im 42 and always had high cholestrol.
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I have an over active thyroid probably since the early 2000's. Recently I started to gain weight without trying. I haven't changed my e...
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Good Morning everyone... Well, here we are bright and early - and I do mean "early" though it's not very bright yet since it's only a lit...
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I'm 39, 5'3", 148lbs.I'm at my absolute wits end. Last year I weighed 138lbs. The year before that I was around 130. I've always struggle...
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Hello all... I am from Germany and I am a certified nutritionist and I am researching on weight loss so I have joined this forum to learn...
Happy Mother's Day and good morning... Wow - another week has gone by already; do they seem like they're going faster or is it just m...
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I'm 16, 185cm, 93kg. I need to start losing weight but I'm not sure how to start or which plan and program to follow. I'm completely lost...
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Hello and good morning everyone. How are we going on this fine, foggy morning - oh, it's not foggy in your neck of the woods, huh? lol ...
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I am a T2D on a Low Carb diet. The problems is that my sugar levels do not come down. Why?
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Back in early November, I started working out. I was really unhappy with my body and decided I needed some excercise. Everything was goin...
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I was always a fit dude back then around 3 years ago. My BMI was within the average range and well, I would say I looked really fit back ...
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Several of my friends told me that weight loss products LIPOVON is very efficient. Anyone heard anything? Thank you.
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Good morning everyone!! It's a bright sunshiny day in my part of the world...what about yours? My week started out on a good note a...
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I am 56, 5'4'' , 155 lbs and I have gained 20 lbs in one year!! I exercise hard 6 days/week, eat a low carb (<25 g) clean diet, no sugar,...
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Hello all, Im really frustrated trying to lose 5-10 lbs. I Work out (cardio/pilates) 2 hrs a day. eat lots of fruit and veggies, calor...
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I am female, almost 30, currently 282 pounds. Two years ago I began my weight loss journey at 380 pounds doing low carb/paleo. I got to a...
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Hello, I am a 27yr old female , i weigh about and cannot seem to lose any weight..I have tried dieting and exercise but it's like nothin...
Good morning – it’s once again weigh-in day; my how fast the weeks are going by; summer is going to be here before we know it and this la...
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Okay, fellow weight losers... another week has come and gone and we know that parts of the country are ensnared in the great snowstorm ca...
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having a hard time joining...trying again lol
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