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Mucus - Immediately after eating food
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Mucus - Immediately after eating food


I am an allergy sufferer.I always have mucus in nose,throat,lungs.

Immediately after eating food mucus production increases.Mucus congestion and secretion both starts.IF you are allergic to food then mucus production should start after food is digested. Can anyone provide medical reason for it.
Also it is not to any particular food it is for any type of food.

From my ayurvedic doctor I got the reason that after eating food there is an increase of 'Kapha' dosha, there will be little mucus production even in healthy individual after eating food.But since you are allergic there is more mucus production.

For people unaware of ayurveda every person is made up of 5 elements air,ether,earth,water and fire. 'Kapha' is combination of earth and water.  Kapha dosha in ayurveda is responsible for growth,mucus production,immune system.

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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Allergic reactions are mediated by IgE antibodies, which are released on exposure to a particular allergen. These in turn activate mast cells and lead to a local response or systemic anaphylaxis. So, wherever the local reactions are activated, secretions can occur.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Thanks Anita,

But my question is why it is immediately after eating. It should some time for it to get digested.So that immune system can react on it

Another thing is it is for any food, not to a particular food.

There is also mucus production when exposed to cold weather and after sleep . Where is allergen involved in this case.
I've had that often in the past, until I discovered which food sensitivities were the likely causes.  Food sensitivities or food intolerances are not quite severe enough to be called a food allergy and will not show up with conventional allergy tests.  The only way to really figure this out is with a food elimination/food challenge test.  If you can afford to see a naturopath, you should see a naturopath to get you started with this.  Usually the IgE antibodies won't show up if it's not considered a true allergy.  You still need to treat certain foods like an allergy.  The difference is that you won't have to carry an Epipen or something like that with you.  You should carry an antihistamine with you.  But, then, people who have food sensitivities usually have pollen and dust allergies, too, so you probably already have some antihistamines.  Yep, even though you'll never have an official allergy in your charts, there is a connection.  This is because the body is still making histamine against a specific type of food.

Before I figured out the worst of these food sensitivities, I would cough up mucus immediately after eating myself.  I still get this occasionally.  That's when I know I've eaten something I shouldn't have.

Sometimes it's not the specific food itself that is the problem.  Like, it's not always specifically that fruit or vegetable or grain that bothers you.  Sometimes it is, though.  You will find that if you avoid processed foods, that this will happen less.  This means staying away from fast food restaurants, because that's generally all they use in those restaurants is processed foods.  Your body is telling you it doesn't like those preservatives and such that are in all that "food".

A good rule of thumb is that if the food can't go bad or can't go bad quickly, it isn't good for you.  If it has a super long shelf life, leave it on the shelf and find something else.  If the food can go bad, it is actually good for you--provided you eat it in the short time it has before going bad.  This is why it is recommended that you shop only the perimeter of the grocery stores.  That's where the actual food is.  The stuff that you find up and down the aisles is in cans and boxes and such and is usually full of preservatives and other things with unpronounceable scientific words.  A lot of it is full of different forms of corn sugar, too.  Leave such things on the shelf and find something else.

After following these steps myself I don't cough up the mucus like I did in times past, which sounds like you're experiencing right now.

I am already taking ayurvedic treatment. I dont know is there a difference in naturopath.

As i have already mentioned "There is also mucus production when exposed to cold weather and after sleep . Where is allergen
involved in this case. ."

I am from india. I eat Wheat and Rice more. I eat very less processed food like chips,very less fried foods.

Also Doctor mentioned that my immune system is strong.

Also I did not see any difference when exposed to dust.

I see difference when
1) After eating food.
2) Sleep
3) Cold weather

But there is mucus everytime. It is not that if I dont eat food for 3-4 hour s there is no mucus. Mucus is always present.

I had previously gone to ENT specialist and was taking allopathic medicines but did not see any improvements.
So i dont want to again go to Allergist doctor and start the treatment again.

Try doing liquid Benadryl after you eat. You could be allergic to something your eating like soy. It is in everything we eat and is it making us sick.
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